The Small Giants Paradigm

SMEs have been globally considered as an engine of economic growth and as key instruments for promoting equitable development, higher employment and capital efficiency. Worldwide SMEs constitute an overwhelming majority of total manufacturing and service enterprises and major share of industrial production and exports.

In India too, SMEs play an essential role in the overall economy of the country. In recent years, the SME sector has consistently registered higher growth rate compared with the overall industrial sector. With its agility and dynamism, the sector has shown admirable innovativeness and adaptability to survive economic downturn and recession.

The SME sector is characterized by its heterogeneity. It is diverse in terms of size, technology levels, location, and product range that spans from grass-root village industries to sophisticated units producing auto components, micro-processors, electronic components and electro-medical devices. As SME units have a high degree of geographic dispersion, their development assumes great significance for an equitable and inclusive growth which is the ultimate objective of our economy.

“India’s Small Giants” recognises, honours and acknowledges India's Most Successful Entrepreneurs who have created a legacy and their enduring entrepreneurial spirit has left an ever-lasting impression on the minds of generations of future entrepreneurs. An ode to the undying spirit of Indian entrepreneurs who have started out small businesses and have over time, garnered a sizeable market share, immense goodwill and sizeable brand awareness for their business while enabling and empowering those around them.

As the title connotes, India’s small companies who define success by not only their bottom line, but by their contribution to their community, dedication to great customer service and the creation and preservation of workplace cultures of excellence, while choosing to be Great instead of Big.

Welcome to this exclusive club of Trail Blazers, Innovators and Small GIANTS.

India's Small Giants are only selected by

Invitation and Recommendation.


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