Mr. Manav Goel

Woodkraft India Ltd.

One of India's best-known interior design brands, Woodkraft is the flagship company of Space Global. With over 30 years' expertise in a wide variety of projects, Woodkraft creates spaces that are modern, corporate, and sophisticated. The aim is to create an environment that nurtures efficiency and growth. Woodkraft, for instance, is one of the few Indian companies with the expertise to cater to LEED Certified Buildings. Woodkraft has positioned itself as the preferred choice for projects requiring high end interior solutions.

Mr. Satish Goel wished to lead the push for revolutionizing the quality of Architecture in India. The first company Steelkraft started in Bangalore in 1976, and built its reputation on a slew of successful assignments, one of which was M.S Ramaiah Institutions, Mr. Goel's alma mater.

Over 30 years, Woodkraft has built a reputation of taking up challenging projects and revolutionizing the way Interiors are crafted in India. With quality and timeline as its priority, Woodkraf is know for its finishing and timely completion of projects.

The Company's approach is highly customer-oriented, and caliberated to meet the client's needs. The work process is extremely flexible, and the company has successfully collaborated with independent designers and architects on several projects.

Interior Design, as a separate specialized design discipline, is a relatively new field in India. It has now been recognized as a profession different from decorators and architects dominating the field for historic reasons.

At woodkraft they combine skills and technical knowledge with a questioning attitude and a hands-on approach to create spaces that delight, inspire and transform. With Woodkraft both the possible and impossible become reality as they leave no stone unturned in the quest to ensure excellence and customer satisfaction.


  • First company Steelkraft, started in Bangalore in 1976
  • Woodkraft has 30 yrs of experience in creating spaces that are modern, corporate, and sophisticated.
  • Woodkraft cater to LEED Certified Buildings
  • Woodkraft maintains quality and timeline as its priority which has built a very strong reputation for the company

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