Mr. Shukanto Ghosh,
Managing Director

Mr. R.B. Ghosh,


The father-son pair of R.B. Ghosh, Chairman and Shukanto Ghosh, Managing Director, have taken their firm Sparklet Engineers Pvt. Ltd. to greater heights globally in the oil and gas power exploration sector, amassing accolades and honours for their varied product lines.

Pouring oil on troubled waters - as the classic phrase goes- is a knack that comes easy to the father-son duo of R.B. Ghosh and Shukanto Ghosh, assert industry insiders.  Incidentally, oil has been a major contributor to their prosperity too. 
Flagging off operations with the development and manufacture of oil field equipment and expanding the gamut of engineering options later, their firm Sparklet Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has emerged a winner in India as a fast-growing organisation catering to the oil and gas power exploration.

R. B. Ghosh, admittedly, a self-motivated technocrat launched the company’s oil and gas division in 2002, taking Sparklet into unchartered territory and bagging enviable success over the years, thanks to their innovative product lines. 


“Initially, I had started Sparklet as a partnership firm and then moved on to make it a proprietorship firm. It was an act that was literally forced upon me by a very jubilant and supportive Mr. Sondhi of Larsen & Toubro. He had noticed that I had the potential to be a capable supplier since I had developed some products for L&T. We’ve risen from being a simple machine stop to fabrication to opening the doors to the oil and gas industry by developing import substitutes to becoming a niche player in the oil & gas sector. In the early stages, some statutory compliances did limit our growth and there was also some amount of negativity towards Indian manufacturers in the global market.” 


“My father was the first one in his family to break the service chain and get into business. But he never got the kind of recognition that he really deserved. I was keen that he get it as the Founder of the firm. My personal achievement has been in assisting my father to make Sparklet the brand that it is today. When we got into the oil and gas power exploration sector, the non-availability of quality start-up engineers had proved to be a real problem.”

Sparkling Highs

“We have increased in turnover each year, and have doubled and tripled in certain years. In terms of technology, we have combined resources of two different streams of engineering expertise into one, creating products which no one in India has ventured into, till date. For some of our equipment ranges, we are one of the limited sources available worldwide. Moving to UAE with our product facility has been one of the high points in our entrepreneurial journey.” 

“With each passing year, we have scored as regards our manufacturing capabilities, creating equipment that is bigger and more effective in achieving the desired end results. We’ve succeeded in making our products more competitive by pooling in available country resources and merging them with international technology. These products measure up superbly up to all global standards of excellence. This is a feat that has not been accomplished by any other company in our line of business.”

Future Aces 

Water treatment, Gas treating equipment and Nuclear development are the three areas that we’ll be focussing on. We’ve looking for joint ventures on the product lines as regards water treatment, since it does pose a problem when the water in oil has to be treated in oil producing fields, globally.” 

“Gas is the only clean fuel and gas-processing equipment is next on the agenda. Developing equipments for the power industry which would be run on gas is on the anvil. We also want to be active in the nuclear development of India. By 2017, we should have the necessary accreditation to create nuclear-based pressure vessels, which as of now, are the only being sourced from big corporates and technology giants.”  

Success Mantra

We were taught by the best to be the best! Believe in your core ability. Have a vision and stick to it. Take calculated risks, move ahead with the times and don’t compare yourself with others.”


“We believe in the future without forgetting the past. Trust your instincts as an entrepreneur. Be true and honest to yourself. Take time to choose the vendors and consultants that you decide to work with.”


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