Mr. Pankaj Narula,


The Narula siblings – Puneet, Director (Projects & Technical Head) and Pankaj, Director (Marketing & Business Development) of Sun Narula Group have taken forward the family legacy of 62 years, ensuring that SNG remains a front-liner in providing automation to healthcare logistics in India...

Its heritage is heroic, its success robust and its longevity assured. The Sun Narula Group - more lovingly referred to as SNG - was green-lighted in 1953 as a healthcare firm by P. K. Narula, Co- Founder and Chairman of the Group. Narula’s large zamindar family hailed from Punjab and in 1947-1948, they trooped into Delhi armed with the ambition of getting into business. Identifying the healthcare segment as a probable source of business in North India, they commenced providing medical supplies to government hospitals.

Garnering experience and expertise, SNG - now adroitly led by the Narula Directors: Pankaj and Puneet – has made significant strides providing automation to healthcare logistics. Spanning operations over 350 leading hospitals and healthcare providers, the company has emerged as a pioneer in India and South East Asia. With a deft in-house team in place, the firm is competently placed to deliver efficient turnkey solutions right from design to execution.

Teething Issues

Pankaj: “When my father got into business, his aim was to provide solutions for good healthcare infrastucture to Indian hospitals. When the business split up, I went abroad to study in the 1980s and returned in the 1990s to join my father in business.”

Puneet: “I joined my father in business, while I was still an under-graduate. We’ve also had our share of mistakes, but we’ve learnt from every single one of them.”

Wow USP!

Pankaj: “We are one of the only organisation in South Asia that offers healthcare automation solutions for intra hospital logistics, pharmacy storage and drug management, etc. in the hospital spaces. We are also one of the only organisation in our segment to have implemented a dedicated centralised customer support, pan-India. We have also implemented a completely new and bespoke CRM software that will provide customers with an open platform to interact at real time, which is expected to go live momentarily.”

Puneet: “We are not a product-oriented company, we are a solution provider in the healthcare segment and that’s our niche. We have been extremely successful in one of our verticals connected with the Intra-hospital logistics called the pneumatic tube system.”

Winner Mantra

Pankaj: “Work hard, focus on your goals and be dedicated to them. Understand your customer needs and take care of them.”

Puneet: “An entrepreneur should know how to create a demand for a product that you wish to sell. I learnt that technique from my father. Overtrading is the biggest enemy of any entrepreneur.”



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