Mr. Sanjay Mishra
Chairman & MD

SM Systems –Serving global markets

“Work hard and remain focused on your goal”


Product optimization and R&D -

Mr. Sanjay Mishra has had an interesting journey going from working in a job to starting his own company. He started his career as an electric engineer (Sales) and moved on to head the national sales department in the company. He started SM Systems about 8 years ago, and he’s expanded all over the country. Some of the biggest companies are his clients, and he’s doing it all through the power of technology and digitization.
What’s kept him growing is his unwavering focus on quality and development. There is a strong balance that’s needed to keep a company growing, and that requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. That’s where Mr. Sanjay shines as he goes from one city to another. He even exclusively works with companies that provide the highest quality products to suppliers worldwide.

Going from employee to employer–

In Mr. Sanjay’s own words, the greatest joy has been transitioning from employee to founder. He started off small and his office was about 300 sq. ft. with 4 employees. What’s stunning is that now they have expanded to a property that spans 10,000 sq. ft. and he still prefers to sit in that original office. It reminds him to keep himself humble and to have a memory of all the times he’s failed as well as succeeded. With an achieved turnover of INR 27 crore, Mr. Sanjay hopes to deliver high quality manufacturing worldwide on a consistent basis.

Awards and recognition -

Throughout the tenure of the company, SM has won multiple industry-related awards including the Platinum Distributor Award from 3M Electrical Division Business. This has fueled the fire and made Mr. Sanjay even more energized to work with bigger brands and companies. They are also a CRISIL rated organization with SME -2 certification which indicates "High Performance capability and high financial strength".

Growth through expansion -

While many industry participants were growing inorganically through acquisitions and targeting, SM systems chose to opt for geographical expansion. Mr. Sanjay did a unique strategic analysis of his firm and came to the conclusion that he needed to expand via geographical development.

Industry product diversification–

Where the industry is offering a standardized approach to product manufacturing and delivery, SM Systems has taken the proactive measure to indulge in product diversification across power sector solutions. This has helped them gain significant leverage in the industry, along with giving them geographical advantages. In addition to that, SM focuses on increasing quality and customer service offerings that are consistent and have a strong focus on redressal and solving all problems.
What has created a lot of problems is that there are several delays when it comes to payment because of the change in government and policies that affect the utilities business. Otherwise, there is lots of opportunities in the utility sector business, and the competition is heating up.

Eco-friendly projects -

By building solar projects and empowering client’s employee base, SM systems has maintained an eco-friendly balance between work and giving back. They focus on a greener earth and one that is backed by solar energy.


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