Mr. Chetan Chandrakant Contractor,
Chairman & Managing Director


Mr. Chetan Chandrakant Contractor, the Chairman and MD of Saurashtra Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd. (SEPPL), is constantly developing technologies to make the business sustainable. Chetan believes in conserving the environmental balance as the future is everything...

Chetan Chandrakant Contractor is working towards the green goal, unlike other entrepreneurs, for preserving our environment for the future generations. Being a mechanical engineer, he started a fabrication shop where he worked to ensure the demand for pollution control equipment increases.

He studied environmental sciences and formed a team of talented young employees to develop R&D units, laboratories, and environmental models for sustainability for industries. Actively working towards the conservation of ecology by reducing use of fossil fuels, he also aimed for generating power and revenue. SEPPL, is a company which believes in researching the nip of the bud, hence, they thoroughly understood the water chemistry and the ground reality of the industry waste management situation.They succeeded with ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Common Effluent Treatment plant due to which they are able to recover about 65% of water.

Engineer En-route Entrepreneur

“After the successful setup of my consultancy and environment projects, I conceptualized & developed a project of integrated common hazardous waste management and became a developer & operator of the first facility in Kutch back in 2008. In order to come closer to the industries, I developed a common hazardous incineration facility in Dahej. I have a great satisfaction of stirring this organisation since early 90’s. During these two decades, I have been able to put my thoughts into action and have achieved all the desired goals with my dedicated team and remarkable growth in business and goodwill.”

Major Highways

“Continual development of technologies on existing equipments are our major achievements. We think globally, act locally to meet local demands. I started off by signing the First Throughput Agreement with government of Gujarat. I also signed with an Industry for transferring Gas & Oil from off-shore to onshore which was executed successfully. At Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2009, out of more than 500 projects shortlisted for MoUs, our project was selected as the best project. This added impetus to our growth, followed by a dream come true project i.e off- shore monitoring being considered off-beat but we successfully completed it.”

Saving the environment in 21st century

“We achieve our goal by reducing use of fossil fuel and conserving water. As a group we are developing a sea water surface interface. We will be plying a RO-RO-ferry service in the Gulf of Cambay. This vessel will operate between 2 terminals for transportation of goods which will consume 10 % of diesel as compared to normal road transport needs.”

Futuristic approach

“All our projects are in line with sustainable development by way of which we preserve the Ecosystem. We are the first Environment Infrastructure Company to implement SAP as ERP across all functions in an integrated manner.”

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