Mr. Ranjith Reddy
Managing Director

Rohini Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Rohini Minerals Pvt Ltd, company registered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is established by Dr. G Ranjith Reddy and Dr. A Thirupathi Reddy with the objective of producing quality and cost effective poultry and cattle feed. In the financial year 2004-2005 the company started the poultry feed plant with a production capacity of 10 tonnes per hour of feed. Initially one feed plant at Mangalpally village and gradually started two additional units in Mahboobnagar and Chittoor, AP, respectively. Further they plan to start new plant at Masaipet village, Yeldurthy mandal, Medak district for which 12 acres of land has been purchased and cost of entire project will be approx Rs 18.00 crores.

Dr G.Ranjith Reddy and Dr A.Tirupathi Reddy started their journey by pursuing their under graduation course in veterinary science in APAU, Rajendranagar in 1982. Dr Ranjith Reddy was offered to work in Singh poultry along with his friend and there started their professional journey.

Their work involved interaction with myriad farmers and both the friends together laid the foundation for the future. After working for three years, Dr Ranjith joined Bovans and served there for three years and became a noted veterinarian in the industry. In 1987, after completing B.V.Sc, Dr. Thirupathi Reddy joined Singh Poultry Pvt Ltd as a veterinarian and Dr Ranjith Reddy continued his further studies to pursue his post graduation in M.V.Sc.

It was at this point in life; Dr Thirupathi had advised Dr Ranjith to start a hatchery though many people advised the later to continue the veterinary profession. However, Dr Ranjith Reddy considered his friend's advice and took up poultry breeding farm along with Dr. Thirupathi Reddy. In 1996, they started S.R. Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. as an associate of Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group with 8,000 Vencob parent chicks. When they began broiler commercial chick's production, the chick price was encouraging and from that point there was no looking back.

Rohini minerals focuses on manufacturing quality and cost-effective poultry feed. The company uses imported plant and machinery from AWILA, Germany. They adopted latest technology for producing poultry feed crumbles and pellets and for storage of raw materials and finished goods.

The annual growth rate is 8-10% in egg and 12-15% in the broiler industry. With the annual production of 33 billion eggs, India is the fifth world's largest egg producing country. It also produces 530 million broilers per year. Poultry provides employment to about 1.5 million people. The annual per capita consumption in India is only 33 eggs and 630 grams of poultry meat. The demand of eggs and poultry meat is increasing. The people have a capacity to buy products. The 'quality' of products has to be improved. India has technically qualified manpower, a strong private poultry sector. There is a considerable scope in investments in all aspects of poultry namely breeding, feeding.

The Indian feed industry will increasingly use biotechnology, more scientific formulations, new molecules and natural and herbal products to improve animal productivity. The purchasing power of the middle class is and food habits are also changing, the company aims to reach their target by maintaining their performance and quality.


  • Rohini Minerals Pvt Ltd , company registered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh by Dr. G Ranjith Reddy and Dr. A Thirupathi Reddy
  • Objective is to produce quality and cost effective poultry and cattle feed
  • Company started the poultry feed plant with a production capacity of 10 tonnes per hour of feed.
  • Company mission: 'Quality is our Commitment’
  • Uses imported plant and machinery from AWILA, Germany,
  • Won first edition of Microsoft Boss challenge in 2013
  • Won SME 100 Award conducted by India SME Forum 2012-13

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