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Prakash Ramani, Founder of Ramani Ice cream Co. Ltd. is the man and breed behind the legendary brand, Top ‘N Town. From installing a small mom-and-pop ice cream parlor to building a de facto monopoly in the ‘Creamy’ sector, Ramani enjoys a whooping icy success…
Reminiscing about the times when he was only a young boy, secretly admiring his grandfather running a modest ice cream shop, he too like every child loved ice-cream. From slicing, scooping ice cream and washing dishes after the customers were done with their share to becoming the manufacturer of the spell-casting brand, Top ‘N Town, the struggle was real. Ramani realized earlier on the practical problems of being a non-producing merchant.
Once the family business lacked manpower, now it employs over 300 people. At present, Top ‘N Town has a robust distribution network that spans close to 20,000 retail outlets and 205 distributors across India with its strong presence in eight states of the country. Ramani revolutionized the ice-cream wonderland by encompassing the whole ice-cream eating experience and opening up 600 ice-cream parlors that has made the brand a love all name in almost every household.
From The Heart of an ‘Inner-Entrepreneur’
“Our journey has been a tale of transformation, grit and determination. It’s an exemplary proof of conversion of dreams and ambition into reality, and not just mine, but of my brothers too! We stand here holding the reins because of our unity and the trail of hard work.”
Brand Saga
“Very early into the business we understood that a robust brand and efficient distribution system supported with quality product will be the key differentiator. We overcame the problems of no timely seasonal supply and non-availability of other logistic support once we started our in-house manufacturing brand and started working very closely with retailers so that they don’t have to take a business hit during slag. Ice cream production is primarily a seasonal business. Consistency in demand and supply is what drives it.”
Nailed their Niche
“We pioneered the concept of exclusive ice cream parlors in India. Lack of eating joints and places for gatherings gave us the edge and made us the preferred choice. We started the tradition of serving ice creams in a colorful, warm and cheery ambience for youngsters to use as a hangout place. Also, our huge range of products and specialities was the paramount reason for attraction of customers.”
Cutting Edge Technology
“Our focus is on delivering the right product to the consumer at the end of the value chain. Most of the time product gets deteriorated due to temperature shocks. To combat that, we stay up to date with the technological aspects in our manufacturing and distribution units. We have put in place higher insulation freezers, temperature monitoring devices and are currently in process of upgrading our manufacturing unit to international standards. We have also put in place a sales force automation app which automates our internal processes and reduces time spent by sales team on data collection, data entry, fixing manual error, adding more time for business development.”

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