Mr. KV Rambabu
Managing Director

Pulse Pharmaceutical – Going the extra mile

“There is no substitute for hard work and resilience”


Pulse Pharmaceuticals has carved out a niche in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space by focusing on the unmet market needs through product innovation. This ability to offer innovative products along with its Patient Centric marketing approach has seen Pulse Pharma garnering respect from the industry leaders and entering into strategic associations with pharma majors. The core values of Pride, Passion, Respect & Integrity, set out by Mr. K V Rambabu drives Pulse Pharma in all aspects of its business. Mr. Rambabu’s belief in technology has led to investing a significant proportion of Pulse Pharma’s earnings and efforts into R&D and Marketing of the novel product offerings.

R&D focused on Patient wellbeing

Mr. Rambabu’s passion to make a difference to the lives of common man has become a part of the basic DNA of Pulse Pharma. During the early years of his entrepreneurial journey, in addition to bringing molecules like Methylcobalamin (MeconeuronR) in an oro-dissolving formulation for the first time in India, he focused on bringing out products with simple but effective innovations which would translate into patient benefits either in form of convenience (XtracalR – small sized calcium tablets), compliance or creating unique combinations (Safeguard, Zolsoma) that reduced overall patient pill burden and improved patient outcomes. While creating infrastructural capabilities of R&D, he focused on delivering unique patient benefits through products like Deksel, a global first vitamin D3 product applying nanotechnology, Melsoma Nano Spray and Nexpar (Paracetamol Oral Solution) which brings down the inter patient variability of bioavailability of the drug and enhances patient compliance.

Building Trust Through Quality –

Mr. Rambabu’s approach to quality has always been one of no compromise and zero tolerance. He states that even one unit of defective or poor quality product will end up creating a trust deficit with the consumer. This focus and consistent belief in producing high quality products has seen Pulse Pharma receive National Award-2010 from Government of India in MSME segment and Udyog Bharati Award for Corporate Achievement by India Achievers Forum. Today Pulse Pharma manufacturing facility has obtained WHO GMP certification along with regulatory approvals from Kenya and Nigeria.

From Humble Beginnings to being an Innovation powerhouse–

With an initial investment of around 5 Lakhs, Mr. Rambabu set out to build a business that today has an annual turnover of around 100 CRs. The small beginning and lack of resources never deterred him from taking on challenging projects of building factories or investing into Nanotechnology based R&D facilities. Mr. Rambabu, a man of great integrity and strong values, has always maintained there is no substitute for hard work and resilience. He spends a major portion of his waking life working with colleagues in solving problems and thinking creatively to make a great future for Pulse and its employees. Pulse is poised to reach annual revenues of over 500 Crs in the next five years.

Technology driven innovation in a highly regulated industry -

Being in the highly regulated and science based industry of pharmaceuticals, being innovative is not only challenging but also can provide the extra zing in driving growth to a company. Mr. Rambabu had always understood the need for technology application to enhance innovation capability at Pulse. He constantly challenges employees to be innovative at everything they do, be it product development, service offerings, marketing or business process. He has taken major decisions to apply IT at various areas of the business process well before the major players in the industry had adapted these technologies.

Being Socially Relevant

Mr. Rambabu’s strong conviction that, being in business provides one with an opportunity to serve society has reflected in the business model created at Pulse. Be it the designing of products and services, the focus is on creating sustainable outcomes that benefit the society thru optimal utilization of resources.


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