Dr. U.K. Sharma,
Chairman & Managing Director


Dr. U. K. Sharma – Chairman and Managing Director of Mantras Green Resources Limited – chucked the family business of cast iron foundry, opting to run a green energy firm that has emerged as a path-breaking leader in minimising industrial pollution via innovative technologies…

Rivals can go blue in the face denying it, but competitors are probably turning green with envy. And with good reason. Mantras Green Resources Limited has carved an enviable niche for itself in the business of controlling industrial pollution via innovative technologies.

A cast iron foundry business in Kolkata, set by his father, didn’t really excite the young Sharma. Exporting cast iron also wasn’t exactly his calling. Sharma came to Mumbai (then, Bombay), taking up employment as a supervisor in a company. In a career spanning 22 years, Sharma rose to become Vice-President of that very firm! That, however, swerved his psyche into a new direction… and Sharma turned entrepreneur, since he was keen on being called a “businessman” and wanted to ensure financial security for his family.

Green Headstart

“The Kyoto Protocol Treaty was implemented to reduce global warming by reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. I bagged the ‘Methane Extraction And Power Generation’ project around the time the Kyoto Protocol Treaty was implemented by the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC). I got the project registered under the United Nations under the ‘Clean Development Mechanism’ during my service. That was also one of my motivations to start on my own.”

USP Power!

“I had seen a Water ATM while visiting the House Of Lords in London, and initiated a Water ATM Project at my native village in Rajasthan to ensure clean water. As project consultants, we also do ‘Waste Water Treatment Technology’ which protects the environment by predicting problems that we obviate with the use of unique technology. Mantras Green has also designed an equipment that generates energy from kitchen waste and releases methane gas that can be used for cooking.”

Two Good Online?

“We have also formed an unit that reduces the grid consumption of captive power at the Nashik Toll Naka. Carbon emissions can be calculated and since there is less of Greenhouse Gas emissions, the overall impact decreases. Both our innovations are online and we are trying to get both into the market.”

Winner Formula

“Never let your confidence go low, no matter what. Don’t postpone work and don’t keep cursing your destiny. Move forward with time and technology, and see to it that your staff is familiar with it too. Take risks, because if you take no risks…that’s a big risk.”

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