Dr. T.T. Patil,
Chairman & Managing Director


Dr. T. T. Patil, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is lauded as the ‘Initiator Of Fertigation Technology’ in the country. His firm is a leading player in the exclusive import, marketing and distribution of speciality advanced agri products.

He’s truly planted the seeds of prosperity for Indian farmers. Armed with his expertise in irrigation, hybrid seed production and fertigation management, Dr. T. T.Patil, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd. pumped in commendable efforts towards educating farmers across India. From 1994 to 2000, the Doctorate-holder in ‘Soil and Water Studies’ engaged local scientists for translating and imparting his innovative technology, creating a swelling segment of contended farmers.

Water- soluble fertilizers were attracting higher custom duty and agronomist Patil made efforts to bring them under concessional tariff, so that it would reduce the cost to the farmers.  Since these fertilizers were being covered under the Fertilizer Control Order, efforts were made by Mahafeed Fertilizers for notification of these products under respective statutory orders, so that it became easier for import and marketing.

Fertigation Fixes It!
“I realised that there was a mismatch between the crops and the fertilizers used by them, resulting in below par results. I had visited Israel where fertigation technology was extensively used. I standardised most of the application schedules and adapted it to Indian conditions. Fertigation means the application of fertilizers and irrigation together through drip irrigation. It was the ideal solution,  was cost-effective and innovative.”  

Perfect Impetus 
“I conducted trials on grapes, pomegranates, bananas and some flowers and the results confirmed that fertigation was the perfect answer to agricultural problems. Fertigation is environment-friendly, saves water, fertilizers and maintains the good health of soil. But the products needed were not available in the country and initially they had to be imported from Israel and some European countries.”
Awareness Agenda  
“Today, there are many farmers who export their fresh produce to the European market which gives them better remumerative returns as compared to the earlier periods. We’re now planning to educate farmers in North India and Northeast states where organic farming is quite popular. We also have organic base products and my company will educate farmers in these areas to adopt fertigation technology to improve the quality and productivity of crops.”

Success Formula
“Balancing inventory management and financial costs is an important factor that contributes to business success. One must minimise financial costs so that it contributes more to company profits. The expansion of the business should be done in a phased manner, as per the availability of resources and man power. Credit worthiness with bankers and suppliers is crucial towards taking the business forward. In business, we cannot afford to neglect our Gods, that is, our customers. Address customer grievances on priority and they will remain with you forever.”

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