Mr. Vivek Rastogi
Managing Director

Kapish Jewels – We stand for Trust, Transparency and Quality

“Sleepless nights and long days – working hard is key”


Quality and Dedication

Kapish Jewels is the result of Mr. Vivek Rastogi’s (Chairman & MD) untiring efforts. He has spent sleepless nights trying to ensure that quality is key. The whole team at Kapish Jewels is committed to provide the best service possible to clients and customers alike. This dedication towards quality has PUT THEM AMONGST THE TOP made them market leaders in the Industry and they also managed to introduce innovative methods & technologies to set new benchmarks year after year.

Humble Beginning –

Mr. Vivek Rastogi started working as an intern at a local Goldsmith and learned all the ropes of the jewellery business gradually. He would observe his mentor and talk to clients directly. He picked up the keys to the business by understanding how vendors, manufacturers and clients would interact with one another. He wanted to reverse engineer the entire process, and he worked tirelessly through heat and late nights to be able to learn everything he did.
Next, he set up the Kapish Group of companies which took a lot of struggle, blood and tears. Mr. Vivek Rastogi looks back and smiles as he’s learned so much along the way, and would have done it again if he had to. He’s channelized all his efforts to get to where he is today in life but is thankful that he’s been able to gain perspective as that has helped him survive his journey.

Industry Accolades –

Winning many industry accolades along with consumer trust, Kapish Jewels has created a strong brand name for itself in the market. It is placed now amongst the most trusted brands in the Jewellery Industry.

Complications and Uncertainty –

There were days when Mr. Rastogi had to struggle because Jewellery Industry was unorganized until a decade ago, but he’s assessed the changing market trends and consumer behavior which helped in establishing and expanding the business. Early on, there was too much uncertainty as there was no mechanism or standards to check the purity of Gold and other metals. Only a handful had knowledge of checking purity. By learning every day and practicing the craft daily, he not only was able to bring awareness in customers but also provided multifold returns for his company. One thing he learned was to never look at the clock and decide to call it quits. Always learning and always working is his mantra for success.

Pitfalls of the Industry –

Kapish Jewels has been able to ride the wave of success over the years, but it wasn’t easy for them early on. Service was the only key differentiator and to survive in the industry all business transactions have to be transparent and honest. This way they were able to win the trust of customers. There is a strong scope of organizing the market under one umbrella, with easy liquidation being one of its key points. The pitfalls, however, are the changing gold prices that shift business models frequently and the overreliance on credit instead of cash.

Giving Back -

Women empowerment is one of the major focuses of Kapish Jewels. With a 2:3 Female to Male ratio, Kapish Jewels is giving equal opportunity to women to grow strength to strength in the region, state and country. Kapish foundation which was launched recently is also working towards it. Other CSR activities Golden Gayle (Women Empowerment) & Flutter-By Foundation (Dedicated to conserving Nature’s Beauty) is being run keeping with the Go-Green movement. Kapish Jewels is ensuring that they are planting trees in all major societies and parks every day.


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