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Kalkitech is one of the world's leading players in energy protocol engineering and consultancy, and has provided project design, execution and implementation consultancy to leading utilities around the world.

Kalkitech helps energy utilities across the globe enable the Smart Grid and achieve energy efficiency. Their solutions enable customers to implement mission-critical applications across the Smart Grid solution spectrum ranging from advanced metering and distribution automation to wide area monitoring, substation automation and power plant optimization. They invest extensively in research and development in several areas including power systems engineering, thermal engineering, control theory and communication and information technology to build cutting edge standards based communication and optimization solutions and products for the development of Smart Grid and energy efficiency technologies.

Kalkitech provides turnkey solutions for automation of key distribution and transmission utility operations. With implementations in 50 countries across five continents, Kalkitech is a leading player in standards based communication solutions for numerous applications including distribution automation, wide area monitoring and substation data concentration.

Kalkitech has vast experience working with global energy generation, transmission and distribution companies. They provide end-to-end analysis, diagnostics and optimization solutions to for real time decision support, allowing generation companies to curb losses and enhance plant performance. They also provide communication solutions covering wide area protection, fault analysis, remote asset monitoring and energy management to build a Smart Grid. Kalkitech cutting edge services include smart metering and distribution automation solutions to enable the Smart Grid; and empower utilities to increase grid efficiency and customer service.

A great team that built the Company and stayed together through the journey. The focus on innovation and technology attracted a lot of talented people, who got challenging opportunities to contribute to Smart grid standards development in India and globally. Employees continue to drive standards development efforts and product innovations even today.

Hardware Industry in India is to ensure the growth of the other industries and contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. India provides immense opportunities for electronic instrumentation manufacturing. The development of the electronics and hardware consumers ensures the growth of the industry.

Kalkitech collaborated with leading utilities, OEMs and system integrators in the generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy sectors to provide technology leading solutions, products and services. With strong partner networks across the globe, and customers in over 70 countries focusing on emerging markets, Kalkitech understands the regional challenges better and offers solutions that are fiexible, scalable and secure.


  • In 1998, founder forms Kalkitech as a company Mr. Prasanth Gopalakrishnan
  • Preferred vendor for major OEMs for communication services
  • Signed a DLMS contract with a major Korean OEM
  • Signed up a major European utility for KSGL gateway
  • Received funds from KVCF for market expansion
  • Received funds from IFC & GEF for expansion
  • Part of India first smart grid pilot at Puducherry

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