Mr. Manoj Kumar
Managing Partner


The company had started experimentation and exploration for new products, extensive research was conducted in the “Kitchen Laboratory” of the small residential building itself. Many experiments failed but the spirit of searching for the solution was alive! An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was contacted for collaborating with and corroborating the experiments. Finally an adhesive has been developed which is able to bind Ceramic to Rubber – a generally non-compatible combination. The result is a unique product launched under the production facility known as “CERO RUBBER”. As per market potential, the companys market share has also increased gradually 20% to 25% annually.

Product Lines

1.   Rubber Moulding Equipment
2.   Rubber Ceramic Moulding Equipment
3.   Polyurethane Moulding Equipment
4.   Polyurethane Ceramic Moulding Equipment
5.   Hybrid Idler Manufacturing equipments
6.   MC Nylon Manufacturing equipments
7.   UHMWPE Manufacturing equipments

Jyoti Cero, innovates against the wear and abrasion problems in processing plants polymer and filler. The company has developed more than 83 products found ways to improve the life of Plant and machineries more than 8 to 10 fold. Out of that 1 product is patented and one is under IPR process.

Jyoti Cero develops the products as per working environment and requirement of machineries to achieve the maximum satisfaction for our customer and always aim to improve the quality with the help of in-house R&D and adopt new technology to meet the customer requirements & specification whilst increasing the productivity. The use of rubber is widespread, ranging from household to industrial products, entering the production stream at the intermediate stage or as final products. Tyre and tubes are the largest consumers of rubber. The remaining 44% is taken up by the general rubber goods sector, which includes all products, except tyres and tubes. Synthetic rubber is mainly used for the production of auto tyres and tubes, cycle tyres and tubes and footwear. Other applications for the synthetic variety are camel back, belts and hoses. The market segmentation includes Auto tyres and tubes (56%), Bicycle tyres and tubes (9%), Footwear (18%), Latex goods (8%), Belts and hoses (4%), Camelback (5%).

Indian rubber industry has been growing in strength and importance, as a part of India's burgeoning role in the global economy. India is the world's largest producer and the third largest consumer of natural rubber and is also one of the fastest growing economies globally. With a stable annual growth rate of 8-9%, rising foreign exchange reserves, rapid expansion in the capital markets and FDI inflow, India proudly stakes its claim as the second fastest growing major economy in the world.


  • Jyoti CERO Rubber was established in the year 2003.
  • Mechanical engineer Mr. Manoj Kumar & his better half Mrs. Jyoti Bala (MSC Chem) along with four technocrats started Jyoti CERO.
  • Started with an initial capital of Rs. 3000.
  • Jyoti CERO Rubber is an ISO-9001-2000 certified company.
  • Indian Government has awarded “NATIONAL AWARD 2009”


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