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During 1987-88, Horizon Polymer commenced its manufacturing activities in Chhatral-Gujarat to process various grades of Fluoroploymer and produce lined piping systems based on technology and back-up support by M/s BTR Silvertown –UK (original license of M/s Crane resistoflex, USA known as Crane resistoflex). The company adopted technology of USA firm who were pioneers and innovators of lined piping systems, thus acquiring established technology to process Fluoropolymer by extrusion and for lining valve bodies, components and fittings by the injection moulding technique.

The products manufactured at Horizon are determined by their grain size, specific gravity, and melt flow index. Considering there factors, with appropriate temperature conditions need to be applied to polymer, equipment and dyes else the entire batch of processed polymer results in extruded liners getting over or under sintered depending on thickness. The process also included designing of all critical processes, testing equipments, patterns of tooling and dyes. They also emphasize on implementation of manufacturing standards and quality control measures. Moulding technique is unique in the company and built in design features in cast fittings, effective temp and hydraulic controls provided on machines, tooling assembly are adopted to provide a product which can withstand all critical service conditions.

Because of their professional and service oriented approach to marketing problems, the company has gained wide acceptance and the confidence of Indian customers. They are an engineering organization specialized in the manufacture, marketing and sales of a wide range of products to the Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Chemical, Refinery, Power and man-made Fiber Industries and Oil Exploration Applications.

India's manufacturing industry is important for the country's economic progress. Today, the sector's attractiveness as a hub for foreign investments is clear. Several companies either have or are looking to set up their manufacturing base in the country. Hi-tech exports are also anticipated to boost India's manufacturing sector. Hi-tech exports have witnessed CAGR of 26 per cent.

For success they have maintained a product edge quality, high reliability, meet project schedules, direct sales interaction with clients and engineering consultants and provide solution to customers. The company has created a benchmark to process polymers of only reputed manufacturers so that end products are processed having better MECH properties which can withstand severe HAZ process conditions.Horizon strength is in adopting the proven technology for over 20 years which has helped severe corrosion problems for many customers both in India as well as overseas.


  • One of the leading manufacturers in India of a complete range of Corrosion Resistant ProductsHorizon has 26% of market share and expected to increase that by 8-10% in the next three years.
  • First to introduce ASTM qualified products in the lined pipe system using proven technology
  • Acquired quality standards like API/ASTM standards for product specifications and testing standards, ISO 9001:2008
  • Acquired PED certification with approval to use CE marking on valve products.
  • Goal is to achieve 60-80% of current turnover in the next 3-4 years.

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