Mr. Rajiv Mitra,
Managing Director


Rajiv Mitra, Managing Director of Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., has successfully catapulted itself as a major dairy brand in Western India. Furthermore, the company envisions Pan-India ambitions for milk products...
Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. was set up by the erstwhile princely family of Naik Nimbalkars. Sanjeev Naik Nimbalkar being acutely aware of the needs of the people in Phaltan, near Pune, ensured that the growth of the company also led to the socio-economic development in the geographical area in and around the company, a radius of about 150 kilometers. Naik Nimbalkar’s concern for the farmers’ well-being and the partnership approach adopted by him in the first phase of growth have contributed in a large measure to the overall development of Phaltan.

Rising from a meagre production of 2,000 litres per day from its pouch–packing unit of milk situated at Phaltan, Satara district, Maharashtra, Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. boasts of present sales of over 2 lakh litres per day. Having established the production processes which gave quality products to the consumer, Govind which was largely an input driven company started its transformation towards becoming a Pan India and global brand. 

This transformation is being led by Rajiv Mitra, the Managing Director of the company.

Bovine Bliss

“We have popularised the concept of free housing for cows. Breeding happy cows produces better quality of milk, with increased yields too. In the process, we also get good quality organic manure, which in turn increases soil fertility and water restoration capability.”

Milking Success

“We practice the best processing and procurement systems to process milk and produce milk products such as ghee, butter, shrikhand, amrakhand, lassi, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, yoghurt and ice cream. 55% of our revenue comes from milk and the rest from milk products.Govind has established its presence in Kolkata, Chandigarh and are in the process of opening up the South market as well.”

Youthful Option?

“Govind Dairy is active in the fields of breed management, genetics, free house farming, improved fodder development and is employing all the latest technology. We’ve uplifted the socio-economic condition of Phaltan so much, that the youth are now taking this up as a career.”

Winner Outlook

“My success mantra is never give up and never be afraid of making mistakes. But do learn from them. There is nothing called as success or failure, there is only an outcome. When you are looking for quantum growth, it requires a big jump. You cannot cross a chasm in a few small steps.”

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