Ms. Jyoti Garg,


Jyoti Garg, Director, Garlico Industries Ltd. has ensured that her firm remains a steady winner in the segment of dehydrated vegetables and spices. Furthermore, her firm is savouring global success as a leading exporter too…
Jyoti Garg truly exemplifies the phrase: ‘She knows her onions well’. More precisely, she knows her dehydrated onion flakes better. And she certainly would, considering that Garg casts a sharp gaze over the day-to-day operations at Garlico Industries Ltd., her firm that has emerged as a pioneer in the genre of manufacturing dehydrated vegetables and spices.
Initially, Garg watched the proceedings at Garlico with interest and it wasn't long before the latent entrepreneur in her was awakened. Before she realised it, Garg was soon drawn into the vortex of the business.“I’d watch the business closely and was interested in it. Actually, it was Amit, my workaholic husband who inspired me and with his encouragement I decided to join the business,” she chirps.
Dry Winners!
“We are basically manufacturers of dehydrated vegetables and spices. Garlico is a certified supplier, trader and exporter of a vast assemblage of dehydrated vegetable powder and flakes. In the dehydrated flake category, we have garlic, cabbage and carrot. Whereas chilly, white onion, potato, ginger and palak are prominent in our dehydrated powder segment. We also offer dehydrated coriander, spinach and mint leaves. All the processing is done in accordance with the predefined Food and Drug Administration regulations.”
Delicious USPs
“The first USP of our company, most definitely, are the vegetables. All the vegetable ranges are grown with utmost care under the supervision of professionals, ensuring perfect flavours and optimum freshness. Quality is monitored closely right from the raw to the finished product stage. We are open to tailored services for our customers, like private labelling and customised packing. We have captured the markets of Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Brazil and Germany for exporting our product ranges.”
Lively Entrepreneur
“Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. It’s not a 9 to 5 profession and we should learn to live life as a stress free entrepreneur. To do that, we have to eat right and stay fit. We should also be updated with the latest relevant technology, because a large part of our life is governed and driven by it.”
Success Mantra
“Dream and focus on translating your dreams into reality. Be self-motivated, determined and always have a non-ending desire to succeed. Have a plan and dare to make it real! Judge the opportunities that come your way carefully and maintain a sharp watch on your accounting system. Do what you are good at. It will truly give you happiness.”

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