Mr. P.C Musthafa,
CEO & Co Founder


PC Musthafa, CEO of iD Fresh Food, once a math lover and a young techie who could just about make a meal for himself during his management days at IIMB, now, gives Dosage of ‘Dosas’ and Idli to lakhs of Indians… Ascending from humble beginnings, P.C Musthafa, could hardly manage to scrape through an average score in school and was keen on quitting but today, his ‘Never Give Up’ attitude has paid off and he is running a 100 crore firm. ‘Leaving a well paid job abroad, the family was horrified at that’, he says. But Musthafa, is driving the dream of all five co-founders as he built a 100 crore company with his kin. The direction they were headed for was preservative-free, delicious, home cooked food, which soon became a reality! Starting off in a 50 square feet place with two grinders, a mixer and a sealing machine in the bustling streets of Bangalore to now a 50,000 sq. ft. area, Musthafa employs over 1000 employees with his illustrious firm, producing over 50,000 kgs of batter per day, satiating hunger of millions. The brand is renowned for its batter business but they now produce an array of ready to cook Indian food products including parota and chapati too. They expanded to 8 cities and bagged 10,000 retail outlets, within the last ten years with international operations too! All in all, no small feat!

A Fine Balance

“iD is distinct and different and there is a two-fold intention, of balancing the seesaw between time and health. The only difference would be to raise the bar of food quality to the next level. iD Fresh Foods is the perfect professional assistant of the cook in the kitchen to rustle up and enjoy the easy-to-make authentic Indian meal solution, especially for busy people. In the end, just remembering the good old love for a hot home cooked healthy meal.”

Initial Impediments in the Batter Business

“One issue we still face is the general perception about packaged food items. It’s perceived to be unhealthy, unhygienic and full of preservatives. It is a mammoth task to persuade customers into believing that our products are natural, fresh and free of any additives, chemicals, emulsifiers, artificial colors and is packaged and stored only for a specific time 


iD Co-founders - Rural Rockstars!

“The main reason of being an entrepreneur was to provide employment opportunities to the rural folk. Another way of giving back to the society is touching lives of millions of people across households by providing healthy, nutritious and fresh meals every single day.”

Bagging High Appreciation

“iD Fresh Food has been well endowed and has received various prestigious awards, that is the likes of the National Achiever’s Award and the Big Bang Award. Also Indian Institute of packaging has presented the India Star Award for innovative packaging to the company for its personal creative touch. Above all the foremost and most crucial appreciation are from the iD customers.”

iD’s modus operandi for Sheer Success

“Being honest in the way we make our products, that is, to make it exactly the way a home-maker would make it, because we value the homemaker’s contribution to the household. Not only that, but also one’s belief in the team should be strong.”




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