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Biophore - Focusing on quality helped build one of the fastest growing pharma companies

“Passion towards the work we do, and hunger to achieve what we want to”


The unwavering growth of Biophore-

Biophore is a young but quickly growing generic and API manufacturing company which has evolved into a pioneer in the API segment providing niche and complex APIs to regulated markets for over 10 years. Over the past decade, the growth of Biophore has been multi-fold, and the brand is now amongst the top complex generic API providers in the US Market. Certainly, CEO Dr. Jagadeesh Rangisetty has done wonders with the company, bringing in his 25+ years of experience and global aim to enter untapped markets. Dr. Rangisetty attributes his quick growth to their unwavering focus on quality, despite overcoming the complexities of the process and systems. It’s the most important factor that has set Biophore ahead of the competition.

The journey of hard work interspersed with brilliance-

Dr. Rangisetty’s journey to establish his own venture is woven with his hard work and strife for excellence. He joined BITS, Pilani where he pursued his Masters in the field of Medicinal Chemistry and his passion towards research motivated him to focus on drug discovery. He was an ardent chemist all his life and at heart he was an entrepreneur. He wanted to do what no other chemist was doing – to create new drugs that were first of its kind. He worked tirelessly to create several leads for drug candidates to treat brain-related disorders and to treat Malaria. He concluded his studies with a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and in 2002 he started a company called “Navinta” in USA which developed technologies for complex generics. While running his firm in USA, he always yearned to come back home and start Biophore, which he did 5 years later.

Achievements along the way-

Along with growing incrementally year over year, Biophore is still in the top 10 filers of US DMFs consecutively for three years since 2014. They’ve filed around 40 US DMFs and a cumulative of 75 DMFs globally. Amongst other key accomplishments since 2007, Biophore made its position in the Insights Success Magazines’ top 10 health care providers in India and in the Silicon Review’s Top ten fastest growing Pharmaceutical companies in India. A true scientist at heart, Dr. Rangisetty frequently publishes academic work in journals. He also presents at various industry seminars to spread his love and knowledge for chemistry with the world at large.

Biophore has become a one-stop solution for thousands of people-

Dr. Rangisetty’s focus on quality and compliance created several long-term relationships for customers in key demographics. His customers started looking at Biophore as a one-stop solution for their API requirements. In fact, a big pharma customer and leader recently visited their manufacturing facilities and lauded their efforts in the field of Contrast Media. Their unique product portfolio, technology based approach and strict adherence to quality compliances have ensured that customers are always satisfied. A true testament to his mission and vision, Dr. Rangisetty is now associated with about 100+ ANDAs in the US, EU and Middle-East market within a short time frame of 10 years.

There is room for more players in the Pharma industry-

This industry’s potential is massive as Pharma grows across the world at an unprecedented rate. With the influx of new pharma companies, the space is far from saturated. Biophore is in the perfect spot to attract new talent, more growth and long-term vision.

Improving lives everywhere-

With the help of entrepreneurs like Dr. Rangisetty, pharmaceutical companies can deliver drugs at a much faster rate, thereby saving lives while ensuring quality dose is administered. Biophore is also aiding some of the largest pharma companies in their own mission in curing people from specific diseases. With their FDA approved state-of-the-art facilities in India, they are making waves across the globe with their niche product manufacturing capabilities.


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