Dr. Smita Naram,
Founder Chairman & Managing Director


Dr. Smita Naram, Founder & CMD of Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned Ayurvedic physician, pharmaceutical herbalist and nutritionist. Her firm is an international pioneer in the space of holistic healthcare and cure of chronic illnesses...

If ‘Ardh Satya’, the famed flick of 1983 fetched acclaim for Om Puri, ‘Satya’ is raking in an avalanche of praise for Dr. Smita Naram too. For the uninitiated, ‘Satya’- the underworld-centric thriller of 1998 helmed by Ram Gopal Varma- has little to do with Naram’s innovation that merely employs the namesake of his film! To chuck all confusion, ‘Satya’ is a path-breaking Ayurvedic software brought to the fore by Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt.Ltd. that offers a gamut of information regarding the treatment of a malaise, expressly with respect to chronic illnesses.

Given her inexhaustible passion for Ayurveda, it could well have been her middle name. Green-lighting her practice in 1987, ‘Vaidya’ Smita Naram forged an inextricable bond with this stream of medicine, taking her skills later as a practitioner to Europe, America, Australia, Russia and New Zealand. Says Naram, “We have been exporting Ayushakti’s herbal remedies for over 26 years.” A highly skilled pulse-reader and specialist of ‘Panchakarma’, the deep purification therapies of Ayurveda, Naram’s skills in food preparation and nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles have earned her an abiding following, the world over.

Naming It Right!

“The word ‘Ayu’ means life and ‘Shakti’ stands for energy. So ‘Ayushakti’ stands for ‘Energy of life’. I want to create the experience of health and happiness for every living being on this earth, and that includes animals and plants. Horses, dogs, other animals and plants also benefit from our medicines. Our remedies are safe, natural and get to the root of ailments such as joint, back and neck pain, diabetes, skin and hair problems, obesity, depression, breathing and heart ailments, auto-immune diseases, epilepsy, autism and many other chronic illnesses.”

Two Good!

“Broadly, our global business has to do with service marketing and is divided into two parts: product and service. The first part lies in creating the physical presence of a clinic and the second lies in providing quality service through competent professionals. We've also established ourselves in new territories such as Germany, Netherlands and the UK.”

Future Aces

“We have a toll-free number system followed for every Ayushakti centre. Apart from developing a new ‘Ayushakti app’, we’re also creating a 24 x 7 platform that will address FAQs of clients.”

Success Mantra

“Passion is the foremost ingredient needed for good entrepreneurship. There are four pillars that I believe are crucial to the success of a company: data, people, strategy and money.”

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