Mr. Uday Mishra

Amar Polyfils – Meeting the customers’ needs

"Quality is the first thing that we keep in mind when dealing with customers”

An innovation that was much needed–

When Mr. Uday Raj thought about steering his company into a new direction, he initiated key programs that led to the development of products like Safety Net, Agriculture Net, Rocky Net, Fencing Net etc. While their competition didn’t see much success in these areas, fishermen loved the innovations offered by Amar Polyfils. Not only did Mr. Uday ensure that he worked with the highest quality suppliers and vendors, he also adopted special manufacturing practices that made the company internationally compliant with global standards. Mr. Uday really listened to the needs of his customer and he delivered a product that was mass-adopted among the community.

Diversification for business development-

Mr. Uday took charge of core strategy for the company and focused on expansions, diversifications and business-customer relationships. It wasn’t easy to weather the storm as there were multiple unforeseen problems that crept up. Sometimes, raw materials weren’t available for the successful production of finished goods. At other times, consumer preferences had evolved ahead of supply-side economics. Mr. Uday knew that he had to innovate and diversify the business and in doing so he led the diversification of the core business into Marine Collagen and Dry Fishmeal businesses. This, among other developments, proved to be a successful endeavor for the company. Evolving the business through Kaizen, 5Ms, JIT, TQM, CAT, STF 55, Lean, and JIT, Mr. Uday aimed to improve quality of the production and at the same time ensure that the inventory was managed effectively. He ensured that the company manufactured products had excellent strength, were light weight, had controlled elongation, high flexibility and high abrasion resistance.

The merits of hard work–

Along with being one of the largest manufacturers of Fishing Net, PP Rope and HDPE Twine in lndia, Amar Polyfils is a company with innovation woven into its DNA. Under the guidance of Mr. Uday, the organization has been awarded multiple times over by various industry bodies globally. What’s fascinating about the brand is that it won the "Skoch Achiever Award 2O16 and 2017" for qualifying in INDIA'S BEST SME 16’-17’. The company has successfully achieved an annual turnover from Rs 0.07 crore to Rs 82.80 crore over the last two decades. Adding to the growth in revenue and awards merited, they have worked globally with a reputed clientele from across the world including UAE, Pakistan and the rest of Asia.

An industry that needs talent-

Mr. Uday believes that to really succeed in this business, there needs to be a blend of two key components. Firstly, you need to setup operations in a strategically profitable location. Porbandar is one of the most important harbors of Gujarat and has all the necessary infrastructure like railway, transportation, banking and communication developments. All these factors aided in the growth and development of the business. Secondly, Mr. Uday has vast experience in the textile industry and he utilized his knowledge to the fullest when he decided to diversify the business. This blend of talent and location led to the expansion of key businesses under the Amar Polyfis umbrella brand. His advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on excellence and work hard.

Making an impact through charity–

Mr. Uday ensures that his organization gives back to society by regularly investing in the education of underprivileged children. The company organizes blood donation camps, apprenticeship programs for students of local universities, seminars for social development, ecological impact awareness drives, health and wellness camps as well as works with social groups to enhance the communities that they work with



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