Mr. Arvind Agrawal,
Founder & CEO


Arvind Agrawal, Founder and CEO of AICL Communications Ltd. has established his firm as a fully-integrated communications consultancy. His much-awarded enterprise has emerged as a frontliner with very few peers in its chosen domain of expertise.. Arvind Agrawal has a sterling relationship with credentials. A Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, he has been an internship seller, a quizmaster’s assistant, a newspaper journalist, and a CFO, by the age of 25. Agrawal then chose to position himself as a communications consultant, and has stuck to it, for over a decade now. Presently, the Founder and CEO of AICL Communications Ltd. has much to beam about, even as his multi-awarded firm moves from strength to strength.

Specialising in corporate communication, AICL has carved an enviable niche in the segment of investor and stakeholder-centric communications in under a decade of its existence with over 130 projects for companies in India and globally.

Unusual Route

“In 2005, I came to Bombay and started researching investor relations services. Advertising agencies and PR agencies who communicated all company-related information to investors were not equipped to understand the regulatory and strategic nuances of reporting as a specialised activity. I started AICL Communications Ltd. in 2006. My first project started with a team of two and a seed capital of Rs.1 lakh sourced through personal savings.”

Yours Annually!

“We’re not in the business of making annual reports. We are corporate reporting consultants and help the cause of ‘corporate self-expression’. Any company that views an annual report as a short-term price movement tool or imagines that it will lead to higher market capitalisation is actually getting it wrong. We’re also a pioneer in going online with annual reports.”

Cache Of Skills

“AICL operates at the intersection of strategic thinking, content and design. We work for nearly half of India’s ‘Fortune 50 population’ and have worked for every leader in every sector, be it automobiles, telecom, FMCG, banking, steel, media and hydrocarbons, among others.”

Quality Quest

“Quality is as an evolving concept. It’s a process, because what was considered quality three years back, is considered basic today. Redefining our own standards continuously is the hallmark of our high-quality practice.”

Winner Formula

“An entrepreneur must have belief in the power of his business, have the courage and confidence to continue on the path of his belief. Apart from motivating team members, a firm must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and move ahead.”

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