Mr. K J Jacob

Agro Biotech ‘abtec’ - Revolutionizing how the people of Kerala are aware of the importance of organic produce

“Success always comes at a price. The essential ingredients are dream and goal, total dedication, unrelenting hard work and courage and determination to face all obstacles on the road to destination.”


Mr. Jacob Kochettu's vision for ‘abtec’

Agro Biotech Research Centre Ltd. (ABTEC) are the pioneers in the manufacture of Bio-agri-inputs such as Bio-fertilizers, Bio-fungicides, Bio-pesticides and Organic manures, which will reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers and poisonous chemical pesticides. They ensure quality by testing each and every batch in their laboratory and they periodically run counter checks at the Govt. of India laboratory as well. Managing Director Jacob Kochettu ensures that they remain innovative and offer a unique product in the market. One of the core reasons behind entering this industry in 1993 was the desire to introduce innovative bio-agri inputs for organic farming. Their organic products line contributes immensely in the reduction of chemical fertilizers and poisonous chemical pesticides. Mr. Jacob also works towards establishing close relationships with farmers from across the land.

Struggle in their initial years-

Being pioneers in the field of bio-fertilizers, they had to face a lot of challenges. Farmers were not aware of the dangers of chemical pesticides and thus Agro biotech had to first create awareness about the importance of organic farming. They had to conduct seminars, free samples, demonstrations, and on-ground training to these farmers to break through the norm. They even had to work with scientific institutions, universities and other organizations in the industry to help them create a significant impact in the field. It took them 5 years until the concept finally took off and now they have over 30 competitors in the field.

Success wasn't far away-

All that hard work finally paid off as ‘abtec’ is now one of the biggest names in bio-agro-products despite its many competitors. Not only have they paved the way for other agro-entrepreneurs, but they’ve also changed the way all of India views bio-agro-products. The impact of consuming products laden with pesticides has been dramatically decreased, thereby reducing the impact of diseases arising from these dangerous chemicals. They have received innumerable accolades for their pioneering work and they have also won the award for the best small scale unit by the Industries Department, Govt. of Kerala.

How ABTEC saw the light of the day-

Unfortunately, at the tender age of 9, Jacob’s father passed away. Growing up with his siblings, he had an undying passion for entrepreneurship. He always wanted to start his own company because of which he undertook multiple initiatives of his own. He came across several problems but Jacob prevailed against all odds. After suffering from a heart attack in 1990, he decided to focus his efforts onto something that would change the society for the good. After struggling with finances for a long time, Jacob finally got a bank to approve his loan. He then gathered his strength and entered the industry with full steam. He worked hard in the education of the farmers and he expanded his customer base through sheer hard work and dedication in the field of bio-tech.

The bio-agro industry has potential for expansion-

With the entry of multiple young entrepreneurs in the field of bio-agro products, this space is growing leaps and bounds. After all the consumer education work has been done, it’s now up to the new generation of entrepreneurs to prove themselves by offering higher quality at lower price. Jacob’s advice to all the new entrants in the industry is simple – work hard and dream big!

Changing lives, one state at a time-

With the incubation of ‘abtec’, Jacob has changed the lives of the farmers who are using sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients in their practices as well as that of the consumers who will not be exposed to dangerous substances via pesticides and sprays. Now, with Kerala as a case study, Jacob hopes that all of India will wake up to the idea of scale-driven bio-agro products.




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