Mr. Abhijit Chatterjee
Managing Director

Adage Automation – Growing for last 5 years at 25% in a niche industry

“Dream like a child, but plan meticulously like a mathematician”

Market Leader–

In the industry of Gas Analytical Systems, Adage Automation is the market leader in India . With a team of over 120 engineers and 11 offices across India and overseas offices in USA & UAE , the company have grown successfully over the past decade. They were the first in India to introduce the Laser Gas Analyzer Technology to Indian Cement, Steel and Fertilizer industries . After a lot of R&D and joint technology collaboration with the specialists from the Cement Industry , Adage designed and introduced one of the world’s most robust and advanced design Cement Kiln Inlet gas measurement system. With a large & highly knowledgeable team and Siemens AG , Germany backing them as technology partner , Adage has differentiated itself as the go-to provider for high quality analyzer solutions .

Choosing the core engineering domain –

Mr. Abhijit Chatterjee’s ( MD & CEO )  idea to become an entrepreneur during the start up in 2001 , offered  two paths in front of him to choose from . The first was to enter the trendy IT sector and build a dot-com company. The second was to enter the core engineering domain , which was also based upon a niche technology . With the dot-com crash occurring subsequent to the NY twin tower terror attack , he decided to choose the later and utilized his expertise & knowhow in the domain to build his path towards entrepreneurship.

A phenomenal growth rate –

Growing at 25% for 5 consecutive years has its own set of challenges but Adage Automation has been able to survive & grow with the help of Mr. Abhijit’s strategic business outlook . The team created a record by booking and executing the world’s single largest CEMS project in 2016 . One of the remarkable feat for Adage has been that the most of the employees have chosen to remain in the company . A company dedicated towards excellence and service, Adage has grown on the accomplishments presented by its industry-wide customer base and also managed to create a reputable brand name across the world .

Challenges that plague the automation industry–

There was a time when Mr. Abhijit had to struggle to compete with global market leaders who had a dominant position in the marketplace . However, the difficult days soon came to an end when he found one customer , one installation which worked so well that it turned the table and what followed were many orders and many successes which helped the company to become the market leader in India as well as established it as a respected global supplier .
Another challenge that he faced early on was that there wasn’t a proper mechanism for payments and receivables protections for small industries . Although the regulations were present, they weren’t really being executed effectively across the Industry . Cash flow, subsequently, became a problem and they didn’t receive the due benefits from the growth of the industry . Mr. Abhijit eventually had no option but to treat it as an occupational hazard rather than a constant worry. With stricter payment terms, Adage has secured itself from future aberrations and recommends other businesses to do so as well.

Support & Innovation -

Industry growth has been a significant contributor to Mr. Abhijit’s success in the marketplace with rising quality standards and customers reliance on technology and automation . With a strong focus upon R&D and innovation , Adage have secured itself against unforeseen circumstances . Mr. Abhijit strongly feels that whichever company provides the maximum amount of sincere service support to its clients, in this industry, will win the long-term game of market leadership and profitability . Customer support, Highest Quality standards along with innovation in products & service practices, is key to driving growth.

Pollution control and giving back -

Mr. Abhijit’s core business area is divided into 2 major segments. One of them is the Analytical solution for Process application in Large Industries. The second one is in Industrial Emission Monitoring, which is in great focus in India and his business model is re-engineered around cleaner emissions and towards reducing carbon footprint for a better tomorrow. Though the company is not inclined to elaborate on this on media, Adage also take regular CSIR initiatives for underprivileged societies in India.

Mr Abhijit Chatterjee’s advise to the budding young entrepreneurs

Dream Big like a Child can but plan meticulously like a mathematician. Implement the plans like the masonry workers building brick by brick but with the speed and flexibility of a soccer player. Be committed and be brutally honest as the largest structures are built upon strongest foundations. Build block by block …never ever look out for short term returns or quick benefits.


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