Mr. Nitin Tiwari
Managing Director

ACME Universal – From a chance event to INR 150cr in revenue

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do”

Manufacturing and quality –

Acme Universal is India’s largest safety shoe manufacturer with over 8000 pairs made daily. The brand boasts of a wide range of clients - from Reliance group and Honda to Pepsi and Nestle. Mr. Nitin Tiwari, MD of Acme Universal, has changed the game when it comes to safety shoes and has cemented his position as one of the most innovative leaders in the industry. Mr. Nitin has gone above and beyond his competitors by automating all plants with imported machines like DESMA, CLARKS and ZUKI. Along with having the widest range of safety footwear, Acme Universal is also the first company to produce triple-density shoes.

A chance event –

13 years ago, a fellow commuter on a train journey from Delhi to Gwalior changed the course of Mr. Nitin’s life. The gentleman handed him a shoe and asked him if he could make safety shoes like these in India. That sparked an idea in his mind and Mr. Nitin hasn't looked back ever since. When he first started out, safety standards in India were in an abysmal state and hence educating people was the biggest hurdle that his company had to overcome. He then focused on high quality production and vowed to educate the market as he grew his brand name in the marketplace. With the massive capacity that he’s created today, Mr. Nitin had never imagined that his dream would come to fruition through a chance event.

India’s top clientele –

Along with winning the “Make in India” award, Mr. Nitin has won multiple industry appreciations. Shoes have been designed as per different geographies and tapping that gap has opened huge avenues for the brand. He’s done business with almost every major brand in India and has multinational reach across the world.

From small scale to developed markets–

Every startup faces challenges while scaling and Acme Universal was no different in its initial years. It’s been a rollercoaster journey for Mr. Nitin so far. Through his vision and focus on excellence, he’s managed to build the largest manufacturing capacity for safety shoes. It wasn’t easy at first but he’s been able to successfully build awareness about the need for safety shoes and grow the brand year after year through his continuous efforts.

Safety and industry guidelines -

Safety concerns are on the rise due to international pressure for compliance with safety norms and standards. This has helped the safety shoes industry grow leaps and bounds. The challenge, however, comes in the form of dependency on raw materials. That dependency leads to price fluctuations along with unpredictable supply-side issues. Shoe manufacturing is a highly labor-intensive process because of which challenges with regards to HR, policies, attrition and lack of quality talent arise from time to time. Entrepreneurs need to pay close attention to these factors and develop a sustainable business model if they want to enter the industry.

GA business model that saves lives-

Through his product range, Mr. Nitin has ensured the safety of the primary provider of every household for many local families that would otherwise become destitute if not for his line of safety products. He also believes in giving back, as much as he can, to charitable causes.


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