Mr. Shivkant Sidnal
Managing Director

Vijaykant Dairy – Pursuing the dream of becoming an industrialist

“Build something for yourself and make it grow with focused work”


Focus on taste and quality -

Within a span of 10 years, the brand has grown into a multi-million turnover company with a daily processing capacity of more than 1.5 lakh liters of milk procured from 40,000 farmers in India. It’s one of the most diverse and massive production plants in the country and their products including ghee, Mysore Pak, Shrikhand, Paneer, Flavoured milk, curd and ice cream are recognized across the region. Founder Shri Shivkant Sidnal has always ensured excellent quality on final consumption because of which his dairy products taste great and gained instant recognition.

A dream to become an industrialist–

Coming from an agricultural background, Mr.Shivkant Sidnal loved fresh milk and milk products. With a desire to become an industrialist, Mr. Shivkant Sidnal followed his passion and dreamed to excel in the milk industry. His journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been extremely satisfying as it gave him immense joy to witness the impact of the work he’s done. Local employment, farmers' livelihoods and hygienic milk for all children in India are just some of the things that have fueled Mr.Shivkant Sidnal's fire to excel in this industry. His advice for newcomers in this field is to focus on high quality and excellent customer service. You can’t build a business in the milk industry if you haven’t spoken to the farmers and understood the needs of your customers.

Awards galore

Few brands have won as many accolades as Vijaykant Dairy has. On top of building a massive scaled project in the dairy domain, they have won many awards like “Gold medal for Premium Ice Cream category” and “Silver medal for Standard Vanilla category” across several industry associations in India.

Starting off with a vision–

Mr. Shivkant Sidnal, an engineering graduate in computer science, hails from a freedom fighter’s family. When Mr. Shivkant Sidnal has a passion, he pursues it till the very end. He always aspired to be an industrialist and wanted to give back to society in any way he could. Money was secondary as Mr. Shivkant Sidnal's main focus was to figure out a path to his own happiness. He travelled extensively across India, visiting all the remotest dairies to figure out what the market needed and how he could add value to the industry. He worked day and night to analyze the industry from the ground up and finally tapped into what was lacking in the industry and the areas that needed improvement. He pushed through and was eventually successful after months of research, setup and implementation.

A growth phase -

Right now, the milk industry is going through a growth space with new brands being launched by multiple players, but the need of the hour is high-quality which only a few brands can provide.

Helping farmers -

Not only is Vijaykant Dairy providing employment to local farmers and producers, but they are also introducing eco-friendly initiatives and programs that allow for the underprivileged to lead a better life.


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