Ms. Mallika Manoj Grandhi
Chairman & MD

Vaibhav Jewelers – Scaling a family business, while supporting the arts

"Passion and patience reaps good benefits"


Design is everything –

Vaibhav Jewelers has become a household name because of its continued focus on design and high-quality service. Any jewelry store can compete with Vaibhav directly, but the designs and the artists that Vaibhav works with are unmatched in the industry. This is the primary reason behind why it has accumulated success and fame over the years. Additionally, Vaibhav’s innovation in branding and communication has also helped it differentiate itself from its competition. With various innovations such as consumer perception mapping, focus group discussions, GTM (Go To Market models) like door to door visits & services, customer-focused exhibitions, area adoptions by staff, HNI teams for privileged services, marriage cell teams to ensure hassle-free marriage purchases, and corporate promotion team for gifting solutions, there are several activities that have helped Vaibhav gain a considerable fan-following.

Challenges in the industry-

Things weren’t as smooth as the founders had initially thought they would be. There were multiple challenges faced by Mrs. Mallika Grandhi, Chairman and MD of Vaibhav Jewelers. Some of these challenges included inventory, staffing, growth and competition. Mrs. Grandhi had to work hard and lead the team through key periods to facilitate growth in the organization. She needed to lead the team and ensure that their corporate vision was sustained as they scaled up and she did this by hiring the best talent she could for her organization.

Growth and achievements–

Vaibhav’s parent store in Visakhapatnam started way back in 1994 with a 900 sq. ft retail space. Through their innovative designs and focus on quality, they started their flagship store V- Square (India’s 1st largest ISO Certified Jewelry Showroom) with retail space of 30,000 sqft in the year 2007-08 and it instantly became one of the most widely recognized brands in the gems and jewelry sector. after 15+ years in the industry. With every passing year they have scaled up their business. As of now, Vaibhav Jewelers has 10 showrooms in 2 states, more than 1000+ employees, and 8 more branches coming up shortly.

How it all began -

Late. Sri Manoj Kumar Grandhi (founder of Vaibhav Jewelers), had a vision to expand the family business into the gems and jewelry sector, and he worked hard to grow the business to the massive scale that it has reached today. His motto in life was to always work harder than you thought you could and bring out the best in the people around you.
after his sudden demise Chairman Mallika Manoj Grandhi started her journey as a Philosophy-Psychology graduate from the Nagarjuna University. Putting her excellent people skills to use, she as the it's Chairperson and managing Director of Vaibhav Jewellers (M/s. Manoj Vaibhav Gems "N" Jewellers Pvt Ltd.) and along with the support of CEO and Sr. Managers lead the various management functions of the vast Vaibhav Jewellers and the growth began and moved forward to the scale and size with the passion to be one of the leading players in South India.

A growing industry–

TThe gems and jewelry business has been growing in India at a staggering rate for the last decade or so. Vaibhav Jewelers denotes its core philosophy as the reason behind why some brands succeed and others don’t. According to Mrs. Grandhi, it all boils down to a few core things - know you customer, create beautiful designs, be honest in your business, and make customer service your priority. Any jewelry brand that focuses on these core pillars is sure to be a success in the industry.

A patron of the arts–-

Since 2002, Vaibhav Jewelers, in association with Visakha Music & Dance Academy, has been honoring eminent personalities in the field of Art & Music by presenting them with “Swarna Kamaklam” (a Lotus made of Pure Gold) which is worth a whopping worth Rs. 3 Lakh. Vaibhav’s aim has always been to serve society by extending their support in the field of education, enhancing the living conditions of the needy, supporting environment-friendly initiatives and providing health services to the underprivileged. They regularly fund gifted students in the area and offer free education to various underprivileged children as part of their CSR initiative. They recognized the need for development in the Visakhapatnam and surrounding regions and aided in the development of dozens of villages through their program.


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