Mr. Narasimha Swamy

Solus Security – A local innovation to prevent tragedies

“Success and failure are not permanent. The courage to continue and improve often converts even failures in a success"


Innovation that catered to the country's needs-

Security Automation, despite being an industry that’s paramount to India’s stability, was heavily dependent on imported components. Because of this, Mr. Hariom Sharma and Mr. Narasimha Swamy launched a domestic company that focused on local solutions for our country’s needs. What was unique about their journey was that Solus was born as a consequence of an interesting incident. The source code (building blocks) for the prototype was actually created by the founders in a hospital, where one founder was bed-ridden after an accident and the other was taking care of him.
What made Solus stand out in the market was that they were innovators in the industry. They were the first ones to create IP ready controllers, biometric scanners, mobile apps, workforce management and visitor management integration, and IP Surveillance integration with access control that propelled them to the top. Focusing on value, quality and service helped Solus succeed beyond their competition.

Initial roadblocks on the path to success –

Their journey to success wasn’t all that different from any other first-generation startup. There were initial hiccups, cash crunches, operational hardships and problems with growth. They reached out to friends and family for financial as well as emotional support. They eventually saw success due to extensive hard work and their never-say-die attitude. Their journey has cemented their belief in the idea that success and failure are a part and parcel of life.

Awards and customer appreciation –

Along with receiving multiple client-industry awards, Solus has also been chosen as the “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year - 2007” by Frost and Sullivan during Building Technology Awards and they have also featured in “Top 100 SME's of INDIA”. Adding to that, their failure rate has been below 0.01% with 8/10 customers giving them repeat business.

Challenges that shaped Solus Security–

Getting the customer to take a chance on Solus, as a complete solution provider, was a challenge that they had to tackle early on. Since the brand was new and relatively unknown, they had to convince customers to try it out and integrate it into their systems. This, among other problems that pertain to early-adopter focused brands, challenged Solus to evolve into the brand that it has become today. They worked hard to forge strong bonds between customers and their staff members and this came from their belief that it's imperative to provide quality service to all customers.

Focusing on service is key-

Manufacturing is full of challenges in the security industry and this field has a long way to go, according to the founders. With challenges arising from lack of compliances and standards, quality control and seamless execution, the industry has to constantly ensure that the production line is free from errors. On the positive side, the industry benefits from the rapid growth and increasing appetite of its customers.

Giving back -

Solus believes in giving back and the founders have therefore initiated several CSR programs for the benefit of Girl Child education and providing medical aid to the needy. Solus also actively supports environmental protection initiatives through NGOs like FABGA and others to protect our country’s greenery. Giving back is in the core DNA of Solus Security.


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