Mr. Biram Prakash Sultania

Shree Niwas (a-first / First baby) – Growing at 10% p.a. in the garment industry

“Follow your passion through hard work and dedication”


High-quality manufacturing that meets global standards –

Established in 1982, Shree Niwas Textiles (P) Ltd. is one of the most prominent names in the garments industry. They are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters, who are engaged in quality creation of children’s clothing. With a production capacity of almost 30,000 pieces of garments every day, Shree Niwas is producing a garment every second across its manufacturing lines. To further cement their focus on quality, they also use high-gauge machines to craft error-free products for maximum stretch & softness. They also import many of their core machines from across the world. These machines are best-in-class and conform to the global standards for manufacturing units. With their focus on high-quality production and global excellence, Mr. Biram Prakash Sultania (Founder) has turned Shree Niwas into a stellar competitor in the garments industry.

Starting small–

Mr. Sultania started off Shree Niwas with only 5000 rupees in his hand and a 200 sq ft unit to work with. With a clear vision and strategic focus on delivering high-quality products, he worked hard and faced all challenges head on. Today, several decades later, he has provided livelihood to more than 10,000 people in the industry and has been recognized by multiple industry bodies across the world. He attributes it all to his work ethic and his unwavering focus on providing quality products.

Stellar growth–

Shree Niwas is projected to grow by 15% this year and they’re going strong on all fronts including production and marketing. They’re expected to achieve a turnover of over INR 1,000 crore in next five years and they’re producing almost 30,000 garments a day with a profit margin of 6-7%. They’re also employing over 500 people across the country and impacting more than 10,000 lives as a result of their company’s success.

Reaping rewards –

During the 80s, Shree Niwas wasn’t all that different from its competitors. The Indian market was a closed one and obtaining foreign investments and reaching out to global clients wasn’t a norm back then. However, pursuing the route of expansion by means of high-quality, Mr. Sultania persevered through the storm and created a global brand that satisfied one of the largest market demands in the world. With over 30,000 garments manufactured per day, little did Mr. Sultania know that the result of all his hard work and dedication would be so rewarding. By using high-quality manufacturing machinery, Mr. Sultania ensured that he differentiated himself from his competitors by managing a larger, more knowledgeable class of workers in his plants.

An industry with growth potential -

The garment manufacturing industry is in high demand as the population of our country grows steadily. According to Mr. Sultania, if entrepreneurs want to enter and survive in this industry, they need to ensure that the product they deliver is of high quality and they should further differentiate themselves from their competition by remaining dedicated to customer service. Since the industry is unsaturated and unorganized, brands need to build strong relationships with vendors and dealers to ensure that they can get the best reach possible for their manufacturing units.

Employee participation -

Shree Niwas takes care of the social and medical welfare of all its employees and regularly encourages them to take part in social activities. The employees are also encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops and individual trade fares for the development of their individual skills.


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