Mr. Sam Cherian Kumbukattu
Managing Director

Schevaran Laboratories – Facing all obstacles head on

“There is no substitute for hard work”


Challenging the norm –

The “Masterklean” package is one of the many service offerings provided by Schevaran Labs to ease the pain-point of high quality cleaning and hygiene services in India. Schevaran Labs is run as an innovation center and a product-driven company in the marketplace which makes it uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality offerings to its customers. With products that have higher efficacy, Schevaran Labs has truly become one of the most innovative brands in the cleaning and hygiene industry in India. The company houses some of the best minds in the subjects of biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry and environment along with embedding state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories for all its scientists. Along with forming many innovative initiatives, the Scheveran Innovation Centre (SIC) was setup specifically to challenge existing norms and beat the market’s expectations in terms of product offerings. With a strong focus on quality, timely service and high innovation, the brand has reached many milestones across its lifetime. Winning many awards, customer contracts and acknowledgement from various industry bodies, Schevaran Lab’s product line has received success beyond Mr. Sam Cherian’s (Founder) expectations.

Learning from global exposure –

Mr. Cherian had spent considerable time in Europe, USA and the Middle Eastern markets, driving the cleaning business for Rochester Midland, a leading producer of industrial cleaning agents worldwide. After having grown in these markets, he felt that the time had come to build a similar vision for India, which is when he chose to set up Schevaran Labs with a singular focus on ‘Clean India’

Quality and recognition –

While Schevaran’s received multiple awards across categories of global customers, their recent ones include the SKOCH achiever award 2017 and India SME 100 Award.

Against all odds –

After having spent a large part of his career in the business of multinational cleaning and hygiene brands in the Middle East, Mr. Cherian decided to start something similar in India. He had the technical and functional knowledge to start a company, but there were many challenges and obstacles on the way that he didn’t know how to face. After multiple struggles, he was able to start working on houses, hotel rooms, highways and other places. It wasn’t an easy task to convince customers to come aboard. The success of Schevaran Labs today is the result of focused effort, dedication, determination and hard work. Some of Mr. Cherian’s biggest challenges, in his journey, included dealing with financial institutions to source financial support as the economy had not been very receptive during its incubation. There were several other issues including logistics and communication, but Mr. Cherian stayed true to his promise of building high-quality hygiene products and succeeded beyond his own expectations.

An industry that thrives on innovation-

Aligning with the Swachh Bharat campaign in India, companies (including Schevaran Labs) have set-up in-house research centers, managed by scientists that continuously innovate. According to Mr. Cherian, if brands want to compete in this industry, they need to grow their product line by focusing on quality. They also need to have a finger on the pulse of the market for long-term sustainment of their brand.

Eco-friendly to a fault -

Schevaran Lab’s manufacturing processes and products are highly eco-friendly. They’ve implemented systems and process to drive green, regardless of their scale. Whilst all processes are monitored by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, they have an existing environmental safety policy in place that helps them keep a close check on the company’s carbon footprint.


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