Mr. Naren Sharma

Samiran Tea – Growing passion to fruition

"Strong will, hard work and focus on quality service”


A company formed on the foundation of quality–

When Mr. Naren Sharma started working on his brand of tea, he wanted to focus on three core ideologies. Firstly, he wanted to ensure that high levels of quality were maintained throughout the process. Secondly, he wanted to provide the market something they hadn't yet experienced from that local region. And thirdly, he wanted to ensure that there were multiple varieties and flavors available to the target audience so that they got a sense of authenticity as well as flavor when they experienced Samiran Tea products.

How it all began for Mr. Naren –

For Mr. Naren, it was a journey that was written in his destiny. He was born and brought up in a tea-growing family and he himself was working for a major tea manufacturer at the time. He loved tea and wanted to see the local tea growers expand their horizons and benefit from the immense demand of organic tea. He took the first leap into the industry by buying a tea manufacturing plant and then hired workers who started production for his brand Samiran Tea. The river Brahmaputra was favourable to him as he witnessed a string of successes after initiating Samiran’s launch.

Quality awards and business development –

When starting off in 2006, Samiran’s capacity to grow tea was limited to about five lakh kgs of output via 20 workers stationed at the manufacturing plant. Now, because of Mr. Naren’s vision and passion, the company is currently producing around twenty lakh kgs of output of high quality tea along with hiring 1000+ workers to support the manufacturing, field and admin processes. A staggering growth for any company, Mr. Naren always wanted to scale up to match demand. For his dedication and passion towards quality and fine product output, Mr. Naren has won two SKOCH awards in 2016-17 and the SME 100 award out of more than 43000 nominations.

Passing on the baton from one generation to another –

Since tea was part of Mr. Naren’s family heritage, he knew that this was the right way to differentiate his product line and stay ahead of the competition. When he first started out, he was empathetic to the condition of the tea farmers and he also knew the scope of demand for his product line. With hard work, courage and dedication, he combined his core knowledge about the industry with his passion to grow a business and thus initiated the production of Samiran Tea. Focusing on the customer, he launched many customer-friendly initiatives like home delivery, gift coupons, bulk sales, etc.

A growing industry -

Maintaining good relationships with customers and government agencies, focusing on high quality, self-confidence and honesty are some of the key factors that helped Mr. Naren pave his path to success. Mr. Naren truly believes that in order to grow in this booming industry, entrepreneurs need to have the right balance of these skill sets to challenge the market. Tea consumption has been on the rise for many years now, with expansion into multiple flavors and variants, along with higher demand for organic tea.

Charitable causes –

Mr. Naren holds special cases as priority when making charities. The organization supports charities that require aid or special attention and Samiran comes to their rescue by providing the necessary help.


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