Mr. Dashrath Patel

Samarth–Humble beginning of a handful to presently 3400+ employees

“We are driven by excellence, with honesty, relationships, respect and responsibility as our pillars for success. We’re constantly learning and growing”


The ethos behind the brand-

The name “Samarth” is an ancient Sanskrit wordmeaning“Capable”, “Powerful”and “Efficient”. The managing partners wanted to ensure that the organization not only created high quality diamonds, but that they were also a trustworthy partner in the minds of the consumers. Along with being one of the world’s leading suppliers of Ideal-make Natural Diamonds, the brand is also a global supplier with deep local roots. What makes Samarth unique is their innovative approach in the Diamonds industry. Instead of focusing on profits and revenue growth, Mr. Dashrath Patel, Mr. Dinesh Patel & Mr. Govind Patel, the Managing Partners, focuses on people first. They ensured that the welfare and growth of the families they work with results inevitably into financial success for the organization. Samarth’s dedication to people, as well as their lean inventory management system, has made them unique in the marketplace.

Overcoming challenges that Samarth faced-

Times were tough for Samarth in 1987 as the company faced many challenges on its road to success. Starting out with a handful of employees and second-hand machinery, they had to rely on hard work and dedication to increase revenue. In 2001, a horrific earthquake hit Gujarat. In the earthquake, many of Samarth’s employees faced innumerable injuries and Samarth was there to fund their medical bills. It’s an extension of their ethos and their ethical nature of doing business. In all the challenges that the managing partners faced while running Samarth, they knew that if they continued to focus on excellence and high quality, the company will grow year over year.

Recognition and awards–

Owing to the incredible work done by the managing partners at Samarth, they’ve received many awards for their excellence and values as a brand. They received the "Best MSME Award 2013-14" by the Government of Gujarat in the category of Medium Enterprises for “Growth in Production and Profit”. They were also given the "Highest Employment on Rolls of Company (Diamond)" by the Government of India - Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) for their 3200+ strong employee base. And finally, they received the prestigious "India SME 100 Award" yet again by the Government of India, placing them at the top positionin the overall evaluation of Financial & Non-Financial Parameters amongst 41832 nominations. In terms of revenue, Samarth has seen remarkable growth from 155crores in 2013 to more than 400 crores in the 2016-17 financial year.

The vision for the future-

Mr. Dashrath Patel, Mr. Dinesh Patel & Mr. Govind Patel’s ideology when it comes to leading a brand like Samarth focuses on what they can possibly accomplish in the years to come. It is with this mindset that their vision for the company is “20,000 Happy Families by year 2020”. Mr. Dashrath Patel, Mr. Dinesh Patel & Mr. Govind Patel knew that the challenges facing their brand were technological and efficiency related. They struggled with many lean-based problems until they formulated their own in-house program where inventory management and cost effectiveness were woven directly into the system. They are 100% sure that technology innovations will guide the way for the future success of Samarth and the growth of the families it effects.

A massive industry -

The diamond processing industry creates the highest employment for people who are less/partially/un educated through environment-friendly manufacturing operations. One thing that has worked in the favor of this industry's growth is its positive impact in the carbon footprint of the state in which its factories are present. The industry also earns a major part (more than 10%) of India'sforeign exchange through exports (Rs. 40 Billion out of total 350 Billion). However, some of the challenges in the space come from the unstructured nature of the supply chain. Unorganized sectors rule many of the sections in the industrywhich create challenges in terms of non-compliance and book-keeping. This, along with fluctuating commodity prices, makes it a tough space to compete in.

Giving back to the community –

Along with ensuring that they source “No Conflict Diamonds”, they continuously provide all the support necessary to their employees and their families. Samarth regularly aids in the development of schools, digitizing the state and they also hire differently-abled employees in their organization. Along with providing training and skill-based development, they offer a balanced and equitable working environment for all minorities across the organization.


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