Mr. Aranganathan J
Managing Director

Sainmarks Industries – Working with a vision

“Successful moments bring enemies, but we should find ways to take forth business amidst the enemies.”


Setting Global standards -

Sainmarks has been an organization that has focused on world-class standards and in-depth expertise. Its vision is to become a global player that’s recognized across countries for its quality, product range, and customer service. They manufacture a wide variety of eco-friendly and organic products that have been appreciated worldwide. Mr. Aranganathan J has spearheaded the company into new production locations, advanced technology and top-notch customer service for eco-branding products.
Mr. Aranganathan has been in the industry of manufacturing trims for almost 20 years now, and the products that Sainmarks has created are state-of-art. They conform to the highest quality and eco-standards so that they can become industry leaders in the long-run. Their commitment to quality gives them dividends across many different parameters. They rely on lean practices to ensure that the project is completed in time. They have an edge over the bigger players due to their commitment to their customers’ requirements.

Overcoming challenges –

Mr. Aranganathan’s journey hasn’t been easy. He started working with an organization that was in a similar field, but he noticed that his options for growth were limited. In true entrepreneurial fashion, he decided to create a brand and fulfil his own goals for his professional life. He went on to start Sainmarks and he overcame multiple challenges to grow the business successfully. The company produces high-quality products that reduce the overall GHG footprint.

Recognition in the industry -

The brand Sainmarks has been established based on suitability and innovation for many years and has received industry-wide recognition for it. They strive for quality and have achieved much over the last 20 years. They have also worked with some of the largest brands in the industry, including Britannia Garments which attributes its expansion to the partnership it formed with Sainmarks. Sainmarks has worked with multiple clients through long periods of time, ensuring that high quality is provided with innovation.

Growing through quality -

Sainmarks is an ISO 9001 company which has stood for creating lasting quality assurance at all stages. Mr. Aranganathan has empowered workers at all stages to find and solve problems on a regular basis. He has one key advice for all entrepreneurs that are starting their journey or trying to grow their company, and it is to use critical thinking and become more efficient.

The benefits and pitfalls –

Although the industry is highly competitive, Mr. Aranganathan ensures that he focuses on quality-driven design. As the market tends towards growth, there are many competitors that are eyeing the top position. This can create a bit of saturation in some regards, but Mr. Aranganathan has made sure that he works harder than his competition. The industry is also very time driven, with speed and precision being given priority above other factors. For many companies, it’s all about building the right kind of partnership and Sainmarks excels at this.
Also, industry participants must adhere to strict deadlines for production. There are also a lot of new changes, trends and modifications that industry participants must deal with from time to time. This can add an extra cost to manufacturing, but Mr. Aranganathan understands how to deal with these situations.

Community-based charity -

Sainmarks ensures that they build local businesses and organize community drives so that they can give back. It’s not all about revenue and targets for this brand as they strive to incorporate active volunteering in the company’s mission.


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