Mr. P.G. Deshmukh,
Chairman & Managing Director


P. G. Deshmukh, Chairman and Managing Director of Pratap Organics Pvt. Ltd. has risen from poverty to prosperity, catapulting his firm to global success as a manufacturer of speciality chemicals and drug intermediates...

P. G. Deshmukh – originator of the famed Brand Mosquito Coil – has displayed a slow and remarkable rise to the top, from poverty to prosperity and stunning detractors with his talent and tenacity. Born at Nandgoan, a small village in the Satara district of Maharashtra, his beginnings were uneventful. “My grandfather said that I should develop our land since we were progressive farmers,” says Deshmukh. “But he also said that in order to accomplish that I had to get better education so that I could realise those ambitions.”

Clinching his graduation in Science from a college at Karad in Satara district, Deshmukh strode into Mumbai, for a Post-Graduate degree. Housing, however, proved to be a deterrent for the young Deshmukh as he fetched no success in renting an apartment. The pavements of Mumbai turned housing ground for Deshmukh for a period of six months!

Mumbai Streets To 6th Floor!

“I had the opportunity to meet Balasaheb Desai, who was the then Revenue Minister and was from my district. When he heard of my living conditions in Mumbai, he called up the Director of Institute of Science and arranged for me to live in the hostel at Churchgate in South Mumbai. So I was transported from the streets of Mumbai to the sixth floor of a sea-facing hostel room!”

Coil Cachet

“After completing my M.Sc., I got a job in a chemical company at Mumbai, where I worked for more than a decade as a Research & Development Officer. In 1972, I came out with famed Brand Mosquito Coil and it was my first product in the market. Until then, only Japan was making products of this sort.”

Pyrethrin Winner

“My company used to supply Natural Pyrethrin to the army and a firm from South India started supplying Synthetic Pyrethrin to them. Through the process of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), I was able to prove that our Pyrethrin was natural. We had to submit our analysis to the Shri Ram Institute, New Delhi. Ultimately, my company won the court case on the strength of my analysis. When I returned to Mumbai, the owner of the company gave me charge of a new unit at Navi Mumbai!”

Export Euphoria!

“Pratap Organics started business in 1989 and over the years we have built a reputation of being one of the major suppliers of speciality chemicals and drug intermediates across the globe. Once gained entry into the European market in 1994, we started supplying raw materials to the regulatory markets in the US, UK, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. I have almost 100% export turnover and exhibit every year at pharma exhibitions, such as CPhl Europe, CPhl Japan, Informex USA and Chemspec Europe.”

Success Formula

“As a businessman, you should never compromise on integrity and quality of your products. My product itself acts as my marketing manager. If your product quality is consistently good, your customer will definitely come back to you.”


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