Mr. Ashok Kothari
Managing Director

Pakona Engineers India – Customer service redefined

“You become successful by helping others become successful”

Product optimization and R&D -

What makes Pakona unique in the marketplace is its Range of flexible packaging solutions under on Roof. Pakona is a leading provider in this space with multiple offerings that are desired by brands the world over. They have also optimized cost, so that the innovation doesn’t come in too expensive and the customer benefits many times over in the bargain. In the space of Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Machines, there are only about a hand full of reputed machine manufacturer’s and a key player among them being Pakona, which is currently doing business worldwide.

CEO, Mr. Ashok Kothari along with his dedicated team of engineers has been innovating ever since he started the company and has been developing new solutions that are quickly becoming international standards for clients the world over.

Going through hurdles –

In the early days, Mr. Ashok faced a lot of problems related to financing. There was little to no funding at the time, so he had to work and operate on his own funds. The operations at the time were modest, making Mr. Ashok work that much harder and longer at the job. The product was of good quality, and customers started to appreciate the work that Mr. Ashok had put in. After many ups and downs, finally he obtained the Trust from clients in the form of Repetitive orders and his business hasn’t looked back ever since.

Winning in the long-term -

Pakona has been working with global clients for the last 35 years, selling more than 5000 machines worldwide. Mr. Ashok and his dedicated team, through their determination and hard work, have ensured that constant Innovation & adjustments to their machines as per the Market needs are met with and the customers get High quality & Efficient machines. Owing to his work ethic and office culture, Pakona has won multiple industry awards, including the “Excellence in Packaging” by Indian Institute of Packaging and Indian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association.

Obtaining client’s trust –

During the growth stage of Pakona Engineers, Mr. Ashok always provided Good social benefits to all his workers and has always treated them with respect and dignity. They were a small operation at the time but were very hard-working and dedicated. As luck would have it, One summer afternoon the Managing Director of Amul Dairy (National Dairy Development Board) was passing by the Pakona plant and stopped to notice the bicycles and two wheelers parked outside to be in pristine order. He expressed his desire to speak with the person running the operations. He was pleased to know about the achievements of Mr. Ashok & the Pakona team and gave Pakona a chance to become a key vendor of Amul.

Customer service as a differentiation point –

The lost art of customer service has been reignited with the help of new technology and better training standards. From the time that the customer places an order, till the time the order has been successfully delivered, Pakona is there by their side. Pakona considers, Customer service as the most important Quality for their success over the years and it’s a key differentiator when compared to others in their industry. They’re also great at customizing a particular machine or solution so that the client can get better results and the most cost effective solution.

Creating employment -

Each year, Pakona spends lakhs to introduce CSR activities to make sustainable changes through social impact. They provide donations to charitable trusts, education to the under privileged children and they also undertake various initiatives like blood donation camps, eye checkup camps, health checkup plans etc. to help the needy.


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