Mr M. B. Nambiar.

MECPL – Focusing on the vision

“Bringing positive changes in the lives of the people around me, is the biggest achievement I’ve had in my life”

Starting small –

Starting from his first office, which was set up in a temporary structure at a work site, Mr. Nambiar had only 5 staff members and a working capital of 1 lakh rupees. What separated him from his competition was his dedication to excellent quality and timely completion of projects. As the construction industry was very unorganized, there was a need in the market that Mr. Nambiar fulfilled. While ensuring strict adherence to safety norms and compliances, he also added value to all projects with his vast knowledge and dedication to providing good engineering services along with construction values. This, along with timely technical innovations in many areas of construction technology, is what has helped advance MECPL as a premier brand in the Construction industry in Pune.

Humble beginnings –

After graduating as an engineer and working as an employee for about ten years, Mr. M.B. Nambiar finally decided to take the plunge. He was determined to become an entrepreneur since the very beginning of his career as he wasn’t content with what he was doing those days. In 1973, along with two of his friends, he started a partnership firm and got contracts for the construction of industrial projects. They worked tirelessly and bagged contracts from some of the biggest companies in India. Later, he formed Millennium Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd., with two of his colleagues on the board, and turned humble beginnings into a company that boasts of a 200-crore turnover as of today.

The long journey to awards and accolades –

MECPL has won various prestigious awards and nominations from leading clients as well as Organizations representing the Construction Industry. Mr. Nambiar attributes this achievement to his work ethics and his team’s tireless support. The Company take great pride in their customer service. This is evident as they’ve grown from a company with a turnover of 80 lakhs to 200 crores within a span of few years.

Financial stability a pivotal part of the business

Mr. Nambiar faced financial issues during the initial days of his business. However, with a systematic financial planning he could come out of this problem. With a consistent financial results, he was able to get financial support from banks for the smooth running of his business. Financial discipline in the organization is one of his key focus.

Supply side economics -

One of the key benefits of this industry is that the demand of civil construction is never ending. It is self- sustained and the industry is booming with various types of projects coming up in the private as well as public sector. India is one of the most populated country and, therefore, there is no shortage of human resource in the country. Mr. Nambiar attributes some of the pitfalls of the industry to its unorganized nature. As there is stiff competition in this sector, the possibility of narrowing the profit margins are high. To counter this, MECPL is highly banking on strict controls and technological innovations.

An eco-friendly company that focuses on employee satisfaction–

All project sites under MECPL follow strict green norms. They focus on the segregation of biodegradable waste and plastic waste. Recycling of waste materials and construction water are some green initiative he has implemented at his construction sites. Mr. Nambiar ensures that they are one of the few companies that maintains Labour camps with clean drinking water facility and proper sanitary system, and health checkup of the workers. The Company also have day-care centers (crèches) that are maintained at all Labour Camps of project sites so that the company's employees are able to keep their children at a safe place when they are at work, also get their basic education.


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