Mr. Vijendra Babu N,
Managing Director


Vijendra Babu N, Managing Director of Micro Plastics Pvt. Ltd. has globally raised the benchmark for the plastic injection moulding industry. His success in the segments of toys, model kits, automotives, power tools, health care and varied avenues are ample proof of his gainful expertise... His business is no child’s play. And if one argues that it truly is – considering that Micro Plastics Pvt. Ltd. employs plastic injection moulding technology for toys – this is one entrepreneurial baby that is gurgling away to success. Vijendra Babu N, meanwhile, has been beaming all the way to the bank.

Presently, the Managing Director of Micro Plastics Pvt. Ltd. has cause for jubilation. Soaring from a low-key start in 2005 with an employee strength of 25, his firm is all set to clock an annual turnover of Rs.100 crores this financial year.

Modest Start

“After completing my graduation in Mechanical Engineering, I started my career in the injection moulding segment. Working for corporates, I handled plastic commodities. When I started my own firm in 2005, Plastics was an obvious choice. But I soon realised that the firm can’t remain a component manufacturer only. I knew that we have to graduate to contract manufacturing. Hence, I changed our strategy to ‘One Stop Solution’ so as to get an edge in the market.”

Shimmering USPs

“Although we are primarily a plastic injection moulding company, we also provide our clients total solutions ranging from product design to manufacturing. Our innovativeness, adaptability and comprehensive quality management practices have been our major strengths. We started out as an engineering company, but being quick learners we graduated to making model kits, toys and diversified into metals and castings, decorations and high-volume assemblies.”

Global Wings

“We started out as an 100% Export unit with a back-up tool maintenance facility and assembly lines. MPPL has 100 machines and 70% of our products are exported to North America, Europe, Asia, UK and China.”

Luck Mantra?

“By LUCK, I mean being at the right location, having an understanding of the geography of that location, having the right connections and the correct knowledge. All these factors lead to success.”

Winner Formula

“We give a lot of importance to human values and team spirit within the organisation. For an entrepreneur to grow, he needs to have self-belief, passion, commitment and the ability to strategise smartly. Apart from these, he must ensure the support of his family, friends, employees, partners and bankers in his business plans.”


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