Mr. Manoj Murarka
Managing Director

Manishankar Oils - A healthier India through this entrepreneurs’ vision

“Work hard, believe in yourself and be open to changes.”

The advent of Manishankar Oils-

Manishankar Oils is an innovative approach to traditional cooking principles. Instead of using the regular oil, CEO Manoj Murarka asked himself - why not try something different? At a time when the entire country got used to using unhealthy refined oil, he introduced a healthier option in mustard oil. Manoj launched his company 'Manishankar Oils' with the vision to offer healthier and chemical-free oil that is miles ahead of his competition's offerings. Refined oil is produced using multiple chemical processes, whereas 0 Manishankar Oil's oil is 100% chemical free thereby preserving the nutrients found in mustard oil. His company double filters the oil which leaves a net-zero impact on air, water and production pollution. Not only does it taste good, but according to Manoj – it’s better for you.

Manoj's journey is what success stories look like-

It wasn’t easy for Manoj to start a company off the ground and try to change the consumer’s mentality towards mustard oil. There were also unfair practices that his competition was engaged in and he received limited support in terms of finance and government. With faith in his vision and mission, Manoj soldiered through the darker days and brought light to finally achieving profitability at 21 lakhs on a net revenue of 3400 lakhs in 2013. That’s when his destiny changed and he became a successful entrepreneur!

Awards and recognitions weren't far away -

Touching upon his revenue growth in 3 years, Manishankar’s revenue jumped to 3400 lakhs in 2012-13 as compared to 212 lakhs in 1999-2000 &his company's net profit raised to 21.01 Lakhs in 2013-14 as compared to net loss of 14.67 in 1999-2000. A turnaround of this magnitude in such a short span of time without losing vision isn't easy, but Manoj emerged successful through his trying times. As a result of his unending efforts, Zee Business selected Manishankar Oils as an Emerging Business Company in 2014, and Manoj himself was awarded as a Young Entrepreneur by the Global Achievers Foundation at Nepal in 2014.He is also recipient of Government Of India’s National Award by prime minister Shri Narendra Modiji and Government Of Rajasthan’s Udyog Ratan By Chief Minister Smt Vashundra Raje Sindhia.

Throwback to the start of his journey-

Manoj’s entrepreneurial desire started when he graduated his 12th Boards in 1997. He was sure of two things. One, he wanted to do something on his own and not be an employee. And two, Mustard oil was India’s healthiest option but was losing its ground quickly in India. He noticed that the quality was poor, packaging was sub-par and no unique brand was available in the marketplace. At first, three of his friends joined him in the manufacturing company which began commercial production merely 2 years after being established. However, his friends left the organization and the company’s responsibilities lay directly on his shoulders. As a result of this, he doubled-down and invested heavier in technology, thereby leading to better quality production and phenomenal growth in the industry.

An emerging industry-

The growth in the mustard oil market is huge, with customers desiring more Omega 3 variants and tasty oil options being added on a daily basis. The market may appear saturated because of the similarity of the oils in the market, however the untapped Tier 3 and 4 cities are where the goldmine will be for the next growth phase of this industry.

Touching people's lives-

Through his innovative approach and nutrition packed oils, he’s able to provide nutrition into Indian households and thus he is making people’s lives better. Oil is used daily. A healthier option helps in bringing smiles and health to every Indian home. Through mustard oil and his innovative technology for filtration and storage, Manoj has managed to make mustard oil scalable like never before.


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