Mr.Pratik Vaidya
Managing Director

Karma Management – Going above and beyond

“Hard work and learning how to handle failure”

What make Karma unique –

What makes Karma unique is that it offers a complete array of HR services, from auditing and compliance to payroll and recruitment. It doesn’t leave anything to the imagination and focuses on an end-to-end model of HR servicing. They have cloud based payroll processing, which is high-tech in the industry at this point. Also, they have made all compliance returns, records and registers available online, while simultaneously having strong presence across all metro cities.
Karma’s brand has been all about customer relationships, which is backed by high service standards. Karma believes in “Good Karma” - what you give to your clients, you receive in return. This simple philosophy has made them unique in the marketplace.

How Karma began–

Karma was born as a result of a need that was within the HR solutions domain. It started off in 2004, when with only 9 employees and 100 clients, they were able to manage a turnover of Rs. 30 Million. With a strong vision of becoming a complete HR service provider, they expanded into the domain further by branching out to new clientele and verticals. Now, with a turnover of Rs. 750 Million rupees, they’re all set with over 160 members and 4000 outsourced staff members. They’re going to double it all by 2020.

Awards and appreciation –

Karma has been catering to multi-sector clients across India, with a unique proposition of managing 3000 location audits on a monthly & quarterly basis and tracking over 1000+ locations across all clients on establishment compliances. Their monthly claims being processed are over 10000 for PF, 20000 New UAN, 15000 New TIC generated. With an ISO certification, winning India’s top 100 SME award, Great Place to work certification and being placed top 25 in outsourcing, Karma has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Bumps in the road –

While there were many barriers early on, client feedback and lack of experienced staff was the major break in their chain. There were delays in response time, and the TAT expected of them was not being matched by them at that time. They sped up their onboarding processes and were able to alleviate much of the burden that was being faced by the management team back in the day. Faster delivery, better coordination and simpler technology mechanisms helped them immensely during their growth phase.

Tougher competition–

The industry relies on high quality and dedication to the customer, which isn’t a new thing for Karma. However, how Karma looked at it different was that it wanted to create a new way of doing business. With faster TAT and greater emphasis on technology, it was able to make waves organically through customer satisfaction and use of processes and systems.

Giving Back -

Karma CEO, Mr. Pratik Vaidya, believes in the power of sharing knowledge, spreading awareness and doing good Karma for everyone in the community. They regularly engage in knowledge sharing platforms and undertake panel discussions to impart knowledge on the changes in the labor laws at regular intervals. They help their industry by offering sessions and training courses for everyone interested.


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