Mr. Yatin Tambe
Founder & Director

Friction Welding - Always innovating to challenge the status-quo

“A successful entrepreneur is one who can treat business as a part of one’s life, and continues learning”

What FWT stands for-

Friction Welding Technology is amongst the Top companies in the world in the friction welding industry. They have global clients and are leading the space with their innovative technology and high focus on quality. Their product-line has been implemented in mission critical applications such as Nuclear, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, and Power across India. With an innovation team in-house and spending over 30% on R&D, FWT has been setting industry benchmarks in innovation (how to innovate), systems (technology, people) and practices (SOPs). To maintain high quality, Founder Yatin Tambe and his team follow a 5S and Kaizen process, positioning FWT uniquely in the marketplace. A true entrepreneur-innovator, Mr. Yatin is an excellent example in the art of innovation.

The genius of YatinTambe--

Yatin was very passionate about innovation and technology right from the beginning. He refused to accept the status-quo. During the early years of his career, he would always focus on inventing new and better ways of doing every-day things. If there was an existing product in the marketplace, he would aim to make it better or aim to cut costs through automation. He called this fire – the desire to become an entrepreneur. Yatin entered the friction welding industry because there used to be a non-functioning friction welding machine existing in one company. Nobody had invested in the technology and so he dismantled the analog machine to the last piece, studied the technology behind the machinery and replicated it while making it better. He is a true inventor in every sense of the word! He never stopped innovating from there on and eventually started his first company – Friction Welding Technologies.

Taking chances on innovation–

Godrej Aerospace had received multiple quotes from industry leaders for two different machines for their application and insisted that nobody in the world could deliver a single machine that could work with the nature of components in the application. It is precisely here that FWT took the ownership of finding a solution, took a technical and financial risk and manufactured the state of the art FWT 50 – a single machine – that could do the job of two machines. Godrej Aerospace is extremely satisfied, for they could build the BrahMos missile completely indigenously. Because of FWT’s innovation, Godrej no longer needs to rely on foreign companies, has no fear of any international political situations and can save time and money for everyone involved in the value chain. Yet again, Yatin challenged the status-quo and changed the market’s conventional beliefs through innovation and technology. FWT has also received the prestigious G.S.Parkhe Award through MCCIA for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in India.

A growing industry-

Yatin’s journey into this space has been by chance. His curiosity has taken him leaps and bounds ahead of his competition and it shows in the growth of the industry as well as his organization. The Indian market didn’t exist when Yatin entered the field and now it has grown along with Yatin’s incredible work in the space. Growth of the industry has paralleled that of FWT.

Charity from humble beginnings–

One of the core values FWT stands for is responsibility towards his industry and the society. Yatin’s focused on enhancing life in all domains – science, spirituality, well-being and also giving back to the society. Profit wasn’t the only objective for the success of FWT; the driving force has been contribution to society. Yatin’s achieved all this success coming from humble beginnings and he regularly gives back to charitable causes including those working with women welfare and under-privileged children.


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