Mr. Manish Doshi
Managing Director

Envision - Disrupting nanotechnology to save lives

“Never give up till the end. Success needs efforts, sweat, dedication, passion, sacrifices, and the taste of losses.”

A glimpse into the world of nanotechnology -

Envision Scientific Pvt. Ltd. is primarily an R & D company specializing in the field of Drug Delivery with Patents filed and obtained across USA, Japan, Australia, China, South Africa, Israel and several other countries. They are in the exciting space of nanotechnology and life-saving drug delivery systems. The sole focus of Manish Doshi (Managing Director) was to disrupt the market with a breakthrough technology and product. He could have simply done what many companies were doing at that time, but he chose to focus heavily on nanotechnology drug delivery systems that have become prevalent and universal today. Unlike most companies that compromise on quality while disrupting, Manish focused on providing 100% QC along with the best quality products that the world has seen. His philosophy has always been to advance innovation which is already available in the market, alongside working on future iterations constantly. He has made some incredible advancement in the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes through his drug delivery technology and has benefited the lives of many Indian citizens by providing them with better healthcare options. Along with concentrating on competitive advantage, Manish's main aim is to focus on the patient’s healthcare.

Manish's journey so far-

Manish started his journey with a Chemical trading business in Surat for Textile Industry. His constant yearning to learn more about new technologies and advancements eventually led him to starting two companies, one based in the US (Concept Medical) and the other based in India (Envision Scientific). He did this with the help of some Brazilian and Indian colleagues. The journey was long and hard but he kept at it – making the best of his motivation and passion for the space. He eventually persevered and hence his one single advice to all new startups is not to lose faith when you fail.

Accomplishments that highlight his journey-

Till date, Envision and Concept have received numerous awards and Manish himself has delivered speeches at multiple award shows as he accepted several honors for his innovative work. He was awarded for the “INNOVATION FOR INDIA AWARDS 2016 BY MIF” for one of his innovative drug delivery systems and was also awarded as “TOP 100 SMES IN INDIA” for his organization. He was awarded for the “CII Industrial Intellectual Property Award” for the years 2015 & 2016, and the “Certificate of Excellence in Intellectual Property Protection” for his continued work in disruptive innovation. Envision Scientific was also been awarded the “CII Industrial Innovation Awards” in 2017 in the category of Service Provider – Small and Medium Enterprise, along with the awarded for the “CII Industrial Innovation Awards” 2017 for being one of the Top 26 Innovative Organizations.

The hurdles along his journey-

Winning awards reminds Manish of a time when he was losing the battle to failure. He didn’t have enough capital to infuse into the business and the main issues he faced early on were related to finance. That could have stumped him, had it not been for his friends investing at the right moment and giving him moral support when he needed it the most. He truly attributes his success to the power of friendship as it allowed him to bounce back at the right moment in his journey. The potential in the industry of nanotechnology- Manish believes that he has just scratched the surface in this industry and he is all set to explore further options in nanotechnology and drug delivery technology. With the growth of bio-tech and pharma-innovation, Manish wants to grow further beyond what he’s been able to accomplish in all these years.

It's all about giving back -

For Manish, it’s not just about growth and the numbers. He is tirelessly focused on giving back to the community in many ways than one. His nanotechnology gets rave reviews from all around the world as his life-saving technology helps the world become healthier and happier. Additionally, Envision is a zero pollution company with machineries that produce negligible amounts of waste. Along with that, Manish also ensures that he provides stents and discounts to the less fortunate.


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