Mr. Prasad Rodagi,
Founder & Director


Prasad Rodagi, Founder & Director of Altem Technologies (P) Ltd. – a B2B 3D Printing technology company that was formed with the intention of making this technology accessible to people across various spheres of life .

Altem is known for providing an entire ecosystem of solutions in the 3D Printing technology space, encapsulated under one umbrella. The 5-year old company has seen tremendous growth across the country, making the technology accessible to small scale industries, education and medical institutions.

The idea of Entrepreneurship took root in their minds on a long train journey, when they thought of the immense potential of 3D Printing industry, still in a nascent stage in India. Within a year, the foursome quit their regular 9 to 5 jobs, and started Altem Technologies in Bangalore. “Altem is an end-to-end service provider, and we really want to help small scale industries also reap benefits of this technology”, Prasad says with utmost determination. We offer an entire gamut of services, creating specialized, individual solutions for each industry. 

Altem has proved its mettle beyond any doubt, hitting the hearts of customers is the real ‘strength’ of this institution.

Business with Buddies

“We were only joking about being entrepreneurs. 3D Printing had not yet entered the mass Indian consciousness in those days. It was a vague concept. The technology mostly used by big companies, who had more international exposure, thereby access to both 3D Printing expertise and knowledge of its potential. Smaller companies thought this technology was too expensive to invest and were unaware about the innovation and enormous savings it could achieve. When we started, it was all hands on deck, because our primary challenge was creating awareness about what 3D Printing could do!”

Real Recognition

“Vision is something that steers the organization towards the goal. We had to overcome the majorchallenge- increasing awareness about 3D Printing in India. We came up with the idea of installing a 6-foot tall structure of the Ashtha–Vinayaka idol at the Rangoli Art Centre, in Bangalore during Ganesh Chaturthi. Lakhs of people turned up over a fortnight, curious about the process. We had the opportunity to explain what 3D Printing was and how it could help, regardless of the industry. This was also the first feature news about 3D Printing in India that went global!”

Getting with Global Giants

“Altem is an authorized partner with Dassault Systemes for Product Lifecycle Management solutions, Stratasys for 3D Printing, ARTEC3D for 3D scanners and MSC Software for CAE solution as they present the most advanced products and Rapid Prototyping Machines. It also helps enhance the in-house R&D design capabilities.”

Brilliant Brainchild for Young Turks

“In order to provide a platform to young & aspiring designers, we started a portal: to bring their designs to life with 3D Printing, no matter how intricate – and without any additional costs from their end. This has seen an incredible response, especially among students and young innovators.”

Giving Back

“We believe it is important to give back to the society that sustained us. We offer training programs for government schools, underprivileged children in 3D Printing technology, enabling them with an array of skills.”


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