Mr. Sreeni Tripuraneni
Chairman and CEO


4Gid has re-defined the ID management business space by providing thought leadership and proof of concepts that led to the world's largest ID programmes. 4Gid has executed many of the world's first large scale identity management solutions for federal governments, multilateral agencies and top notch corporates. Biometric Revolution is already underway in India, Civil registration systems and are often absent or covering only a fraction of the population in India. This gap was recognized well in time by 4G Identity Solutions as a potential opportunity to develop this system to authenticate individuals when interacting with any official entity such as government, banks, offices etc (rather then being used to identify criminals).

Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni, Chairman & CEO of 4Gid, is a Vascular Surgeon by profession and was first introduced to biometric technologies while doing a course on Medical Informatics in UK. He was working on a project to create and link electronic records of patients to the biometric characteristics of the patients. He envisioned the impact that biometric technologies could play in developing countries and set up 4Gid.

Every success story has its share of initial stumbling blocks and 4Gid was no exception. Initially when 4Gid started, very few people were aware of biometric solutions and biometric technologies were mainly associated with ‘criminal identification’ and the general impression was that such kind of solutions existed only in movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible. 4Gid faced the daunting task of educating different stake holders in Governments that biometric solutions are more relevant in positive identification of the citizens and for delivering benefits and services. 4Gid's basic premise was, if the Government cannot identify its citizens positively, how can it ensure that it is delivering services to eligible beneficiaries. 4G offers 4G Multi Modal ID Platform, eAccess, Enrollment Devices, Authentication Devices & Smart Cards

The research team at 4Gid's Centre of Excellence continuously works to improve the performance of solutions in terms of quality, accuracy and matching speed of the identity management systems.

Technology is affordable so the company can explore possibilities of developing more unique identity solutions to cater to large population of several hundred millions. Despite the presence available of bigger players in the business, there are still wide untapped opportunities


  • 4G ITes Service Company, forayed into biometric identity solutions identifying the need; and is a pioneer (since 2001) & global leader in providing large scale identity solutions leveraging smart cards and biometric technologies.
  • 4Gid specializes as an end-to-end identity management solutions provider & system integrator in Civil ID, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement for government, corporate, banking and defence sectors.
  • Committed and passionate to working closely with the partners and customers worldwide to help to protect citizens in the fight against identity fraud, terrorism and criminal activity.

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